2012 Miles

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Not much to update just doing the same ole' same ole'.

Kris is getting ready for her half Ironman in May. So she is adding swim to her weekly workouts and adding in some 1 hour (or more) bikes outside. And she is obviously doing great on her 2010 miles! Go Kris!

Twila just taking it easy for a minute. My knees appreciated a week with no running. It was Spring Break so I had no babysitter most days and my husband was out of town so I did all indoor work outs. I have went for a few short (3) runs this week and am going to keep doing 5 to 6 on the weekend. I am also going to trade my elliptical for my friend's treadmill for a while. We were both getting burnt out on our current machines so thought a switch might re-motivate us : ) I know alot of you hate the "dreadmill" but the thought of being able to get in a run when I have Parker is very exciting! I can do the jogging stroller for 2 or 3 miles but it is a lot harder. Plus Parker is very OVER being confined to a stroller so I listen to "Mommy, Mommy Mommy?" "out?" to whole time. Doing great on the 2010 miles. I might even end up on the plus side again this month. : )

Thanks to all the check in. Sorry for lack of pictures and posts but we have been very busy enjoying BEAUTIFUL spring weather. You can always check my Parker page for more current updates on life in general.