2012 Miles

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekly Recap

I am loving my summer routine and dread going back to work! I love all the extra time to work out, play with Parker and work on my tan : )

Sunday: rest (Father's Day)
Monday: 5 mile run; not sure of pace/time but I think it was 42 something
Tuesday: 3 miles (33 minutes; I must have broke my leg and didn't know it!) Shred 1 and 2 mile walk
Wednesday: 4 mile run (36:00) Shred 1 and a 1 mile walk
Thursday: 4 miles in 29:30 (I was trying to kill myself on the treadmill!) and Shred 2
Friday: 14 mile bike
Saturday: 10 mile run in 1:25:09/8:31 pace! Super excited about that one!

Guess who signed up for a 5k when she said she was not??? YEP! ME! BUT my stepdad is wanting to do his first 5K and I want to do it with him. It is a race that I have never done and it is on the 4th of July so it should be fun.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Marathon Thoughts

How about a little Monday laugh! Thanks to Running off the Reese's

Saturday, June 18, 2011

8 in the P.M. same as 10 in the A.M.???

Woke up Saturday to rolling thunder, lightning and news that was talking about wind and hail. Perfect weather to run 10 miles, huh? I met my running friends and we decided to not be crazy and hope for a chance later that day or maybe Sunday for me : ( Went to Lexington to get Scott's Father's Day gift and was home around noon. I text my friends and Jeremy was up for a run. Mid 70's and humid but we were hopeful it would not be too hot! WRONG! Time to bring back the water drops! By 3 miles we were dry mouthed and drenched in sweat. We decided to turn around at 4 and get a strong 8 miles in. At 4 I felt good and was happy with my 8:50 average. Well the bottom fell out of that quick. We were searching our friend's homes for water faucets. First 2 had theirs turned off but we found luck at a local school. We struggled our way back to our trucks and called it done at 8 miles. I had hoped I would be able to drink some water and make 2 more BUT I was not feeling it and I had a cake to pick up for the hubs : )

Rest of the week ROCKED! I came back from vacation on a plan.
Sunday 6 mile run at 8:46 pace
Monday 3 mile (23:45) and Shred with Weights
Tuesday slow 6 mile with heave legs
Wednesday 3 miles (25:00;treadmill) Shred with Weights and 2 miles in 14:38 (treadmill)
Thursday Shred with Weights (Routine 2!; butt kicked!)
Friday 20 mile bike ride in 1.5 hours
Saturday 8 mile run; 9:05 pace

Feeling good about the next few weeks while I am living the life of a teacher : ) Pool, tan, open gym, nap, tan, pool... hard stuff I tell ya! But it gives me more workout time and more time to eat better. Hope everyone is doing great. Sorry for the lack of commenting but I have been reading your blogs.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Been Awhile!

So I haven't been at the beach for the past 2 weeks but I have been out of town for the past 8 days and blogging was not at the top of my list : ) My working out has been present but not at the top of my to do list. The last week of school I had a lot of things going on so I got in the bare minimum and while on vacation I worked out a fair amount. Couple of 5 mile runs, lots of family bike rides and plenty of walking on the beach! Now that I am home I have full intentions of following the training plan to the letter. Yesterday I ran 6 miles hard to see what I had in me and I pulled off a 8:46 pace on a very hilly road so I am excited. Parker is going to do Parent's Morning Out 2 days a week so I will be able to get in work outs that are 2-3 hours on those days. Everything else will be in my basement during nap or after bed time since Scott will be working long hours most days and out of town some.

Hoping to do weekly recaps this summer while I am off and it will help me keep up with my progress.