2012 Miles

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today is the end of the sixth monty so I should be halfway and I am! Here are my totals from January-June : ) This month my total miles were too low but I am happy with how high my running miles are. I am going to take out one small run a week and add in a second long bike!


Days off- 4

Bike (inside)- 53 miles

Run 50 miles

Elliptical- 62 miles

Total- 165 miles


Days off 9

Bike 87 miles

Run 41 miles

Elliptical- 22 miles

Total 150


Days off 8

Bike 119 miles

Run 54 miles

Elliptical 22 miles

Walk 4 miles

Total 199


Days off 4

Bike 138 miles

Run 27 miles

Elliptical 21 miles

Walk 4 miles

Total 190


Days off 4

Bike 105 miles

Run 46 miles

Elliptical 9 miles

Walk 0 miles

Total 160


Days off 3

Bike 46

Run 90

Elliptical 0

Walk 2

Total 138

Monday, June 21, 2010

Swim Lessons

So I had my first swim lesson tonight. I have no idea how to swim correctly! As in I can not comfortably put my face in the water and typically swim like a frog with my head out of the water. So my friend is helping me learn to swim. Tonight I was able to put my face in the water and swim a few strokes without freaking out. I go on vacation next week so I am going to work on it then.
I am really wanting to do the Sprint Tri here in town at the end of September. It would be neat to mark triathlon and marathon off my bucket list in a matter of weeks. It will be strictly for the sake of doing it. The swim will be border line humorous and the bike will be slow since I have a clunky mountain bike! I am not going to spend large amounts of money on two sports I am not overly interested in. If this triathlon is a success perhaps I will upgrade things one day but for now I am to do this tri thing without spending a small fortune.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


5K in Harrodsburg 26:04. I was so excited and didn't do much different training wise for the next week.
Following weekend I was 24:56 for 3rd place! I love 5K season. Especially since I am not in the back anymore. I am just hoping to keep it up!

I am in the process of making a big decision. To marathon or not to marathon? I have been doing the beginning weeks of the marathon schedule I have found. I am just nervous about getting in the long runs. It is hard with a little guy. Now that I have the treadmill downstairs I can get in the 3 to 5 mile runs easy. It is just getting in the long runs. Most Saturday should not be a problem. The hard part for me is going to be giving up some 5Ks on Saturdays! I LOVE THEM! I guess I could kick out a long run on a Sunday morning but I hate to miss church. Either way I am going to start the training and sign up the last possible date. Right now I am set on the Wineglass Marathon in New York. It backs up to my Fall Break so I could take my time coming back with the family and enjoy some sights in Ohio! Is that possible?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Since I run on Saturday morning and miss time with the family. We have starting biking together on Sundays. We usually bike for about an hour. I love that Parker loves it.

I am right on track for 2010 miles. I am hoping to get a little ahead of the game while I am off work for the summer. On top of that I am 90% sure I am going to do a marathon. I started off thinking Louisville since it is close. But I did not like the reviews that I read. So then I started thinking Indianapolis (same weekend) but I wasn't feeling it all the way. Then I remember Monica (from www.monicaonthego.com) mentioned Wineglass in Corning, New York. It is small (not what I wanted) but flat (what I wanted) and it would give us the change to travel somewhere on Fall Break. So if Parker can handle the 10 hour drive to the beach and I am doing okay with long runs I will sign up at the end of the summer.

Kris is doing great! She is ahead of the game of course : ) She did her Half Ironman (minus the run) and rocked it! She got in the water dead last and still placed third in the swim for her age group. The bike was very hilly but they finished strong. This coming weekend she will be doing the Bike MS. Watch her ticker go up 100 miles in ONE day.