2012 Miles

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals

My goals for 2012 are pretty simple and as usual will be based around my race calendar. Here are my most likely races for 2013:

March 30th: Half Marathon in Lexington, KY 
April 27th: Nashville Rock n' Roll Marathon
May 11th: Jennie Carol 5K (this is my 4 year running anniversary, the race that started it all)
May 25th: Tough Mudder in Nashville 
June: Brass Band 5K
July: Buffalo Trace 5K
August: Railroad Days 5K and Sarah Hart 4 miler
September: Constitution Square 5K
October 6th: Wineglass Marathon in New York
October 13th: Iron Horse Half Marathon Midway, KY
October 18th & 19th: Bourbon Chase 
December: Find a "Christmas" 5K

This is 13 races in 2013 : ) 


1200 miles in 2013 (100 miles per month)
Cross Train more; 2-3 days a week of spin/elliptical
Lift weights and strength train on cross training days
Eat less sweets 
Blog more
Walk/Run the dog more 

Nothing too exciting here.  I am scaling it back in some ways from last year. 4 marathons was too much and 1500 miles was a stretch. I should easily hit 1200 miles but it won't make me feel guilty about taking days off to spin or take a class.