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Monday, May 10, 2010

5K Season

My bad weather curse followed me to my first 5K of the season. There were severe thunderstorms and tornado watches. It was not raining up until about 2 seconds before the race started. However, we ran in a torrential down pour the ENTIRE time. The city of Danville ended up getting 8.5 inches of rain that weekend. Despite the weather and running uphill in gravel for 1/2 mile I did really good. My watch time said 27:11 but the official time was 28:52. Check out how wet we are!
My time was good enough for 1st place in my age group! I would have been 2nd overall for women if I had kicked it up some at the end.

The above picture is from the Jennie Carol Mother's Day Memorial Run. Click on the link to read the story behind the race. This was my first "run" last year. I randomly signed up thinking "Hey, I will walk to honor this former teacher". I ended up attempting to run and finished in 41:51. I was quite disgusted in my health and decided I had found a new hobby and a way to get rid of baby weight.
Check me out finishing STRONG this year! I came in at 26:32 which is by far my personal best. At the end of last summer my best was 30:35. I will be doing at least 12 5Ks this summer in order to complete the Serres. It is a nice little incentive to run all summer. It started Derby Weekend (the rainy race) and will finish up in September at the Constitution Square Festival.

Kris is going strong! She does not do the blogging part of this blog : ) She ran the Jennie Carol with her 3rd grade daughter and they finished in around 35 minutes. Her half ironman is next weekend. I am hoping her hubby will post some pics so I can put some on here.