2012 Miles

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Run With All Your Hart Virtual Run

The Run With All Your Hart Run has gone virtual AND they are going to try to mail shirts to people who mail in a registration and agree to run 4 miles the morning of August 11th. Here are some links and info on the Sarah Hart Run. Remember she was just a regular person trying to get in a morning run with her sister when a murdered attacked her for money. Lets be honest it could be us one day. Show this small town that we won't forget and that love is more powerful than evil!

Out of our 425 registrants (local and virtual) we now have runners/walkers from 13 states registered to support RWAYH. Here is the state breakdown (total registered from each)....

384 Kentucky
7 Tennessee
6 South Carolina
5 Indiana
3 Georgia
2 Ohio & Wisconsin
1 Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Michigana, New Jersey, Virginia

It is obvious that Sarah's death and our efforts try to bring some healing to the community while celebrating her life and legacy have struck a cord with many. Keep spreading the word!

1665 FB likes
250 registrants for 4-mile run
153 registrants for 1.5 mile fun run
413 total registrants (local)
10 registrants (virtual runners/walkers)...VERY COOL!
$7,950.00 received in online registrations
$2,262.56 received in online extra contributions

LIKE them on Facebook and follow links for how to register for the race. Please feel free to share on your own blog. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Buffalo Trace 5k

This was our second year to do the Buffalo Trace 5K in Frankfort. This year my husband ran it with us so my parents did a run/walk pushing Parker in less than 40 minutes. Heat and humidity was a major problem so we all ran it smart. Scott and I finished together in 27:30 which was great since Scott has ran like 4 times in a month or more. Great way to start the holiday.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mid Year Goal Check

On January 1st we all made some big goals or at least thought about what we wanted the year of 2012 to hold.  I am a very goal orientated person but I do not love the whole resolution thing. You can suffer major let down for not making a goal and/or quit if you achieve your goal  early and stop working towards anything. My goals were simple and the rest of my goals were based around my race calendar.

Goal #1: Fear of Missing Out. As in stop doing races because other people are doing them. I can safely say I have signed up for every race because I want to not because everyone else is doing it. If other people happen to be there great; if not oh well! It is my race to run anyway.

Goal #2: Stop having food guilt... oh this is getting so much worse!!! I have cleaned up my diet more than ever and weigh more than ever! GRR!! I have tried to eat cleaner and limit my splurges and sweets to the weekends or special occasions. I am not sure how to tackle this issue.  The first step is I have to get comfortable in my own skin and stop obsessing over numbers on a scale or mistakes in my eating. The only good thing that comes from food guilt is I kick my butt in the gym when I have had really bad eating days.

Race Calendar Update: Will I run 12 marathon by the end of 2012?? NOPE! Probably more like 8 and that is okay. I did not finish Atlanta and am doing some other big races that are going to be fun. I am going to run in at least 12 races by the end of the year. The tri is not happening because I can not swim and my friend that was going to do it with me is pregnant. I will also save some money by taking out a race that far away. Will my calendar change before the end of the year?? I am sure it will!

My current mileage is 19 miles higher than in needs to be to hit 1,500 miles for the year. May was a major recovery month after my marathon on April 28th. June I was able to get my mileage back to 100 and I am confident I will easily nail 100+ miles from here on out. I need to run 28 miles a week and most weeks I am able to run 30 so that gives me 2 extra for those weeks that I fall short. This is a goal that I will be working on right up until the last week of December : )

Overall I am happy with where I am at... continuing to work out on a regular basis, push myself to new levels and try new things. Hoping there are some PRs before the year is up and maybe I can figure out how to ignore the scale and love my body.