2012 Miles

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Run the Bluegrass Half

Most of our RUI Bourbon Chase running team ran this race! Plus there were  A LOT of local people at this race. This race takes place at Keeneland in Lexington and is a beautiful yet hilly course. 

Very happy with my finish time of 1:57:14 on this course! I was not feeling like I was race ready at the start of the morning but I had ran many long runs since January since I am supposed to be training for the Nashville full at the end of April. However, I have a lot going on right now so I am thinking it will be another half in my future at the end of April 

This race made me feel strong! Between mile 3 and 4 I had this feeling of "lets do this". I decided to dig in and run hard. I did not talk (shocking I know) to anyone around me and always worked to pass the person in front of me. I love the uphill and had plenty of them today! There is nothing better than digging in and passing someone on an uphill. My marathon base kicked in around mile 9 and I found a second wind and ran my fastest 4 miles of the race. These miles were around a 8:30 pace! I had to walk one hill right after the 9 mile marker but that was it. 

If every race and every long run felt like this morning I would be a happy girl all the time! Happy to remember why I love to run and feel like a strong, determined, motivated woman this morning! I can do anything I put my mind to no matter how challenging. A much needed reminder at this time in my life. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get Moving Kentucky

Awesome website that is being started to connect the fit people of Kentucky! 

Check it out! There are a lot of giveaways, race calendars and links to local bloggers like me! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Successful Long Run

My long runs have been hit or miss here lately. Either really great or really bad. Last week due to weather and lack of motivation I only ran 12 miles or so instead of 14 or 16. This week I knew I had to run 16 miles and maybe 18. I started off with most of our usual running group but I knew I would have to drop off by myself so I could take it easy on my hip. When we hit 11 miles I decided to head back the "flat" way to avoid some of the bigger hills on the Pike. I could have made it 15 miles or 17 miles and I was good with that. Then I remembered I don't run odd numbers : ) So I went for 16 and was happy with the decision. Slightly challenging but I felt good and not injured when I was finished. I just have a few more weekends before my marathon. My next few weekends should go like this:
18 miles, 20 miles, 1/2 marathon, 18 miles, 20 miles, taper and then RACE weekend. 

I am hoping to go into Nashville well trained with out overtraining! I would just love to get around a 4:15 and finish strong since the last 2 have been pretty miserable. 

  New plan for the week is:
Monday: Ripped/Elliptical
Tuesday: Run and maybe Spin
Wednesday: Ripped/Elliptical
Thursday: Run/Ripped
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long Run

In some ways it is less mileage but my long runs are to the point that I have to cut back. My hip can't handle 40 mile weeks all the time so I need to change it. I would rather run less and be able to run than hurt myself so much that I can no longer run. 
Sunday: Easy no watch run 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Back to Blogging

After a very long break I am trying to get back into the blogging world. To be honest it is hard to blog when there is not a lot going on.  There is nothing different to report about my working out. I run as much possible because I am training for a marathon like always. Here are a few photos to catch you up on the last few months!

I run 4-6 days a week depending on the week. Weekday runs are 3-6 miles depending on how much time I have and are on the treadmill at the gym a lot of the time. My weekend runs are up to 16 miles and I have 6 more intense weeks of runs to get me ready for my Nashville marathon on April 27th. I am also taking a class called RIPPED 2-3 days a week for my cross training. The biggest change in my running is I have turned into a social runner! Basically I never run alone anymore. Never thought I would be that person. 

Parker is getting so big and is so much fun! It is so neat all of the things we can do now. We went to Great Wolfe Lodge and I overcame my fear of big water slides so that I could take him. He has no fear! So much braver than Mommy :) 

 We sad good bye to our Pug Rancher that we have had for almost 11 years. He was mine and Scott's first dog and we loved him dearly. Unfortunately he had some stomach cancer that was getting the best of him and we had to have him put to sleep. Below is a picture of me holding Rancher for the first time and under that is me holding Rancher for the last time. We will miss him greatly! 

Every now and then I get all dressed up and wear clothes that are not running clothes or work uniform clothes! I am starting to love dressed and have been getting my nails painted. Watch out! This tomboy might be finding her girly side after 31 years. 

My race calendar should stay about the same minus Tough Mudder. It will not be coming to Nashville in May so Scott and I are looking for a different summer event. There are some fun local 5Ks coming up that I will add in there. But my big races will stay the same. Hope everyone out there is uninjured and training hard. Hoping to blog a lot more! Stop by and say Hello!