2012 Miles

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last climb to the finish at the Coach Plummer Cross Country 5K. Don't know my time since I started my watch late. I am thinking 28:30 but not sure. I did get 1st in my age group but I wasn't there to claim my prize because I was a good girl and left to go run some more! I went and ran 7 miles so that I could get in a 10 mile run for my training.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Did It!

Twila Montgomery - 2010 - 15th Annual Indianapolis Marathon & Half Marathon - October 16, 2010 (details)Confirmation # TC2Q3L7

Signing up is the first step right?

Ten miles tomorrow! 3 of which is on a grueling 3 mile cross country race!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweaty Bands Giveaway

Sweaty Bands Giveaway

Everybody loves em'! Might as well try to win some : )

rest : (

I don't mind rest but being forced to rest stinks! I was at a Math Leadership Meeting all day on Monday and was feeling yucky by the end of the day. By the time I got home I had 102.3 temperature and felt awful. It took all night for my fever to break and kept a low grade fever all day Tuesday. Therefore I am on day 2 of rest and probably be down tomorrow too! Guess my body needed some rest!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Last week of Summer

Since it is the last week of summer I am going to get in as much exercise as possible! : )

Sunday 10 mile bike (check)
Monday 3-4 mile speed work (treadmill) possible bike on the trainer
Tuesday 5 mile run (outside); 300 meter swim
Wednesday long bike ride (distance unknown)
Thursday 5 mile run; 300 meter swim
Friday rest day or bike on trainer
Saturday 5K (cross country) plus another 7 miles to get in my 10 miler for the week

So 5Ks are still going on and I need to get in long runs for the Marathon?!?! I enjoy the 5Ks alot! I love seeing all the local runners and I like working on my speed. However, I need to get in more long runs and it is hot by the time the 5K is over to run more. By the time everyone finished and awards are done it is 9:30 and the heat is on. Very frustrating! I could always just do my long run the next Sunday but I typically bike that day. Decisions, decisions! I could just stop doing the 5Ks but I wanted to do all the races in the Serres (minus the one I missed for vacation) BUT I have already completed the number needed to get the "big" prize. But I am not in it for the prizes I am in for the fun of doing the local races and supporting the local organizations. Hmm.... looks like I will run my 5K and add miles on at the end. Thanks for putting up with the rambling!

After this week it is back to work! My runs will be shortened to treadmill runs and/or hot after school runs. Swimming at night will dwindle as the pools start to close and bike nights will be tough due to Scott's work schedule.

I also need to sign up this week for my marathon to get the cheap price. Guess that will jump start by desire to run more.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Bike

The old Mountain bike : )

My new Trek 1.1! I have only been out once for a 14 mile ride but it felt great. I need to figure out more about shifting gears and get more comfortable with the speed. But I LOVE my new bike! I think it will be a lot easier to take out a couple of runs a week when I have this to ride!

My swim is getting better. I swim a 300 every time I swim since that is the distance of the Sprint at the end of the month. As of right now I am not ready but I hope with 2 swims a week as much as possible I will feel like I can do it. It is a pool swim so I am hoping doing backstroke will be okay. If not I will be doing free style with my face out of the water. I do not have the coordination to to do the right thing with my legs, arms and breathe correctly. Things I will continue to work on though! I am really enjoying doing something else besides running!

Marathon training is going well. I am getting in 3-4 runs a week around 3-5 miles and on Saturdays I get in a long run or my 5K. This week I will be running 8 miles. I am increasing my miles slowly and will probably only get in one 20 mile before I go. But right now my goal is just to finish is 5:59:59 or less!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

300 Meters and a BIG purchase

So this swim thing is making some progress. Since my breathing free style is the pits we have switched to back stroke since the tri will be in a pool with lap lanes. I have done 300 meters the past 2 lessons this week! I am also working on my breast stroke. I have not given up hope on swimming with my face in the water but I am just working on that on my own and at the end of lessons. I can swim across the deep end with zero hesitation until I flip over and see the bottom so far away. Then I freak out : )

I bought a bike : ) I rode my friends Trek 1.2 and love it! So I went and bought a Trek 1.1 since it was a little more reasonable in price. I will post pics when it comes in. I am a shorty so I had to order a 47. Looking forward to some long bikes!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have felt so blessed this entire summer. My working out is the best it has been in years. Before Scott and I got married I worked out a lot and my schedule has been sporadic since (college, new jobs, getting pregnant etc...) My running has progressed to levels I never dreamed. I am starting to bike and swim! Two things I never thought I would tackle but have always wanted.
My husband is SO supportive and he has found a hobby of his own; golf! So now we bike together and he has something to do for his time away therefore I do not feel guilty about my hours away from my boys.
My son is my world this summer! He is growing up right before my eyes and becoming quite the charmer.

The above picture is from a quick trip for some ice cream. Mommy was having a day and all my boys (plus Milly) jumped right in the truck to get ice cream!

A big thanks to all the people that support me as a runner! I have so many friends and family that I have supported me and I am truly thankful for all the kind words lately. Just the encouragement I need as I embark on training for my first full marathon.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Whitaker Bank 5K

I LOVE 5K season! I was really hesitant about today's race. My knee was aching (and still is!), I pulled a butt muscle earlier in the week and I was still feeling the vacation bloat! BUT I went out warmed up with a 2 mile run (trying to get in some extra miles for Marathon training) and realized it was HOT! I took off hard and decided I will push until the knee hurts. Well this race is Hilly. At least 8 steep climbs. But I felt good the whole time. I was passing guys left and right! I have always wanted to place in the top 3 women overall and knew today was a possibility since some of the big women runners were not there. I was very pleased with a 25:45 time, second best for the year. And I was the 4th woman in and was 1st in my age group.

The top picture are some of the girls that I run with and do all the local 5Ks. It is nice to have familiar faces at the races on Saturday. Next week is Stanford which is very hilly in the beginning but finished on a downhill. I am going to work on my swimming and biking more this week since my knee is achy. I think I hurt it hauling my 26 pound son and 40 pounds of groceries up the steps!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Feeling like a Rookie

Considering buying a road bike?!? Which is a completely foreign to me. I have a cheap-o mountain bike (YEAH it's a Mongoose!) and I thought about doing the new tire thing but that is complicated too. Thoughts? Suggestion? Not a serious biker but want to get some more speed and be able to go on bigger rides with the big dogs : )

Tri Daddy Disel had a good reference to the quote "showing up at a gun show with a knife", well that is the story of my life right now. I can't swim in the deep end without having a panic attack and I run out of breath in 8 strokes and I am biking on something most 12 year olds would use : ) I am up for any words of advice!

Can non-swimmers learn to swim?? Do road tires REALLY make a difference?? How in the heck do you pick out a bike???

P.S. I am also looking for a running belt. Anyone have the SPI belt or something they like? I don't want the big huge Nathan one with the water holder. I just need something to hold a phone, ID, keyless entry and 2 GUs.

SHEW- Just when I thought I could take off my rookie hat I am lost again : (

Friday, July 2, 2010

Running on the Beach

I will walk on the beach any day but I do not like running on the beach! Granted the view is great but there were many things I did not like! Hot, running on a slope, running on shells, dodging people and I run slower! By the end of the week I started running on the road instead. Am I crazy? Do other people like running on the beach??

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Marathon Debate?

I am deciding between Indianapolis and Winelgass in New York.

Pros of Indy: closer, bigger race (more spectators), family can come watch, know others doing it, have to take a day off work to recover
Cons of Indy: some bad reviews, not a pretty race and bad reviews on parking/expo

Pros of Wineglass: beautiful race, mostly flat/downhill, backs up to Fall break for recovery, small
Cons of Wineglass: long drive, family may not be able to go, small means less spectators

Any suggestions?