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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have felt so blessed this entire summer. My working out is the best it has been in years. Before Scott and I got married I worked out a lot and my schedule has been sporadic since (college, new jobs, getting pregnant etc...) My running has progressed to levels I never dreamed. I am starting to bike and swim! Two things I never thought I would tackle but have always wanted.
My husband is SO supportive and he has found a hobby of his own; golf! So now we bike together and he has something to do for his time away therefore I do not feel guilty about my hours away from my boys.
My son is my world this summer! He is growing up right before my eyes and becoming quite the charmer.

The above picture is from a quick trip for some ice cream. Mommy was having a day and all my boys (plus Milly) jumped right in the truck to get ice cream!

A big thanks to all the people that support me as a runner! I have so many friends and family that I have supported me and I am truly thankful for all the kind words lately. Just the encouragement I need as I embark on training for my first full marathon.

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