2012 Miles

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Bike

The old Mountain bike : )

My new Trek 1.1! I have only been out once for a 14 mile ride but it felt great. I need to figure out more about shifting gears and get more comfortable with the speed. But I LOVE my new bike! I think it will be a lot easier to take out a couple of runs a week when I have this to ride!

My swim is getting better. I swim a 300 every time I swim since that is the distance of the Sprint at the end of the month. As of right now I am not ready but I hope with 2 swims a week as much as possible I will feel like I can do it. It is a pool swim so I am hoping doing backstroke will be okay. If not I will be doing free style with my face out of the water. I do not have the coordination to to do the right thing with my legs, arms and breathe correctly. Things I will continue to work on though! I am really enjoying doing something else besides running!

Marathon training is going well. I am getting in 3-4 runs a week around 3-5 miles and on Saturdays I get in a long run or my 5K. This week I will be running 8 miles. I am increasing my miles slowly and will probably only get in one 20 mile before I go. But right now my goal is just to finish is 5:59:59 or less!


  1. Nice bike, it will last you a long time, and I bet you feel fast on it as well. I like it

  2. Ok girl..it is the same as mine...I traded out my seat for a more comfortable one...after 8 miles body parts were going numb..I also purchased aero bars for my longer rides...cant wait til wednesday...