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Thursday, July 15, 2010

300 Meters and a BIG purchase

So this swim thing is making some progress. Since my breathing free style is the pits we have switched to back stroke since the tri will be in a pool with lap lanes. I have done 300 meters the past 2 lessons this week! I am also working on my breast stroke. I have not given up hope on swimming with my face in the water but I am just working on that on my own and at the end of lessons. I can swim across the deep end with zero hesitation until I flip over and see the bottom so far away. Then I freak out : )

I bought a bike : ) I rode my friends Trek 1.2 and love it! So I went and bought a Trek 1.1 since it was a little more reasonable in price. I will post pics when it comes in. I am a shorty so I had to order a 47. Looking forward to some long bikes!


  1. yay for swimming and biking!!

  2. Good for you for just getting it done. I hope you do learn to freestyle, but you will see several people in tris doing the breast stroke, I am included, I can freestyle in the pool, but the lake freaks me out, so I tend to breast stroke most of it, I also come out almost last. Freestyle is way more efficient. I am proud of you for working on conquring your fear! When is the indoor Danville tri? Do you bike outside?

  3. Congrats, that bike will last years to come. to help keep yours fresh and always feeling fast, always pump up your tires before you ride. I highly suggest getting a floor pump with a built in tire guage. It will make a world of difference when it comes to biking.

    Swim, swim, swim some more, you can do it. Keep practicing, it will become easier.