2012 Miles

Friday, December 31, 2010

11 miles and Changing Plans

So I started off the New Year with an 11 mile run! I know it is technically still 2010 BUT I am counting it early for 2 reasons:
1. It is a year long goal that will go from 12/31/10-12/31/11
2. I plan on having a small hangover tomorrow : )

Also, my half marathon plans are already changing. The Rock N Roll in Nashville is $$$ and the hotels/shuttle are $$$$$$! SO we are now looking at other races. We have a lot of choices:

April 3rd- half marathon in Lexington (Run the Bluegrass) which is like 45 mins from my house
April 30th- Derby; more $$$ hotels
April 30th- Flying Pig in Cincinnati (little travel and hotel cost again)

I also need to make my full marathon choice today : ( I think I am going to do Virginia Beach once I work out the logistics of traveling that far. My brother lives there so I can stay with him. I think the sooner I have a full coming up the better! I was more motivated to not cut my long run short day when I knew it was my first training run.

I miss my Garmin : ( running naked has been fun and less stressful but I have no idea how long it has taken me to run or what my pace has been! For all I know I have been knocking out an 11:00 min pace.

Have fun on your New Years Run!

2011 Plans

Last year I did 2010 miles in 2010 and that kept me motivated so I knew I wanted to do something similar in 2011. When I looked back at my miles I noticed the months I was training I was close to 80 miles a month which is about what it takes to get in 1000 miles for the year. So first and foremost I am going for 1000 miles of running in the year 2011!
Which means I will need to have something to work towards so here is the plan:

Start the new year training for a full marathon (not registered yet); planning on Knoxville in April since it will back up to my Spring Break. (4/3/2011) or Virginia Beach on March 19th which would mean I should have started training a few weeks ago : ( I will be deciding very quickly! As in by midnight tonight!

Then I plan on running the Nashville Half Marathon with my mom and step dad! Mom just did her first 5K and my step dad has not ran a race yet but has lost around 100 lbs in the past couple years : ) (4/30/11)
I am sure I will do something during the summer but nothing is standing out to me yet. There are a blue million 5Ks that I like around here that I have done for the past 2 years so I am sure I will run a couple of those but I do know I will not run them all like I have done the past 2 years.

The fall is still in question. I know I have the Bourbon Chase coming up! (October 2011)

But I want to do a full! I like this:

and this:

and of course we all want to:

All of this should keep me plenty busy in the year 2011! I hope everyone has a great 2011 and has big plans on their calendar : )

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Reflection

Started the year training for my first half marathon in Myrtle Beach but it snowed there for the first time in 10 years; people freaked out and the race was cancelled!
We ran 13.1 miles anyway!

Decided to run a "real" half marathon close to home in Lexington. That turned out to be worse than the first one that didn't happen. It was low 40s and pouring down rain the entire time. My arms were numb and throbbing by the time I finished with a time of 2:32:31
Ran a lot of 5Ks all summer and smashed my last year times! Could not break 30 minutes in 2009 but ended 5K season with a PR of 24:28!

Bought a road bike and really enjoyed riding so...
I learned to swim (sorta) and did a Sprint Tri! LOVE running, like biking, HATE swimming!
Trained and ran my first full marathon in Indianapolis in October! LOVED it! It is the best thing I did all year! My time was 4:27:48 and I can not wait to do another one!
Did a half in a local town (Midway) and broke 2 hours by 8 minutes! 1:52:11

Ran my mom's first 5K with her.

What does next year bring? Check back to find out....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Goal Met!

I am super excited to be done with my 2010 miles! I love that it took me all year because it gave me a reason to go downstairs or go outside and work out on the days I was feeling a little lazy. I have goals for next year and I will post them on New Years Day!

When I stepped on the treadmill I knew I wanted to make my last miles count so I decided to run 5 miles and run it hard. I am not sure what my outside PR is for 5 miles but I think it is 44 something. My treadmill PR was 43:11 and today I kicked it up and finished in 42:35. I am always happy with anything around 45 minutes but was thrilled with my time today!

I did get my new Saucony shoes that I put on here on my wish list and I like them. They do feel different. They are a neutral shoe that can be compared to the Nike Free is someways. I do not plan on running anything more than 5-6 miles in them but I have read of people doing full marathons in them. I also received some new running pants that I am returning for 1 pair. They were all too long of course. My parent bought me an awesome Saucony running shirt that I can not wait to wear. AND I will be getting my Garmin for my birthday on January 11th.

I mentioned blogging about Kona but just lack the time to go in detail about it. Basically these are my feelings:

*LOVE watching it because it is so inspiring and totally motivates me to push thru the pain
*Crowie is amazing to look at and listen to : ) He is the reason I started reading about IronMan
*Crissie Wellington would have won it but Mirinda will give her run for her money in 2011
*Macca knows how to mess with your mind and he deserved the win for many reasons
* I would like more "average" people to be highlighted
* And as Tri Daddy Diesel said "they are genetic freaks" 5:35 average pace for 10 miles!!!

Hope everyone is back on track after the gluttony of the holidays! Can't wait to tackle what 2011 brings to the table!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hope you had as much fun as I did! I even took the day off : )
Now time to get back on track and sweat off the extra calories!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Parker hopes you have a Merry Christmas! I started my holiday indulgence last night but was a good girl and ran for an hour this morning. I have no idea how far since it was "unplugged' due to a dead iPod and being Garmin-less : ) I will clock it later when I drive somewhere.

Keep running while you eat things like this....
and this....

Monday, December 20, 2010

I hate it when...

I can't run for a few days and I get all pumped up for my next run and then it s***s : (. Not sure if it was the flu, the drugs I have been on, the side effects of the codeine (SERIOUS GI issues) or just the lack of serious working out for 3-4 days but it was the pits!!!

I could have ran outside today (which is rare) but I did the treadmill so that I could watch Kona (more about that in my next post); well I think the treadmill was a mistake. Within the first mile I had a horrible pain in my side and stopped running after the first mile. I would not have done that outside!! For some reason I stop and walk or get off the treadmill but outside I rarely stop. I don't know if it is because people are watching or I can just slow down outside.

Well I planned on five miles and I was going to get them so my run went like this:
1 mile; break to fix side cramp
2 miles; bathroom break
1 mile; break because I was just pathetic
3 miles; best 3 of the day!

So I ran more miles than planned but I did not get my speed up one time. I ran a 6.0 the WHOLE time which I NEVER do. My 5 miles usually go like this:

Mile 1: 6.0 warm up
Mile 2: 6.0, 6.5, 6.0, 6.5 (those are quarter miles)
Mile 3: 6.5, 7.0, 6.5, 7.0,
Mile 4: 7.0 the whole time
Mile 5: 7.0 and up it one at every tenth (7.0, 7.1, 7.2 etc... until I finish at 8.0)
Which puts me running 5.1 miles in 43ish minutes!

I know that is not a standard speed work and there is no rest but that is how I do it : ) I like to play games on the treadmill and run until I think I am going to puke. Since I am trapped in my basement and DVR TV only takes you so far I push it while I am down there. To some people that is not fast but to me it is!

I have decided than in 2011 I am going to put the more technical stuff on here. As I looked back on 2010 I was not really good about putting times. I know my first 5 mile run was 58 minutes but I don't know any of the times for any of my training and I think those would help as I work on "speed".

I will talk Kona next time but I would like to leave my speed talk with:

How the F*** do you run a 5:45 mile EVER! much less during an IronMan!

Friday, December 17, 2010

3 week break! WHAT?!?!

Christmas break should start next Monday but lets run down this past week:
Monday: Snow Day and sickness showed up
Tuesday: positive flu test (I didn't work)
Wednesday: sleep 18 hours (I didn't work)
Thursday: snow (ice) day
Friday: snow (ice) day

Which means my Christmas Break started a week early. When I go back to work on January 4th I am not sure I will remember how to do my job since the last time I will have been to work will be December 10th! CRAZY!!

Needless to say I did not work out super hard this week but I did get some walking miles and today I was on the trainer for TWO hours watching trash (MTV:Cuthroat Reunion and Survivor) so I was able to get back on track for my miles. I have 40 miles left and 14 days to do it! BUT we all know the holidays are tough.

Starting the 23rd I have quite a few dinners, trips, breakfasts etc.. to go to so I will be working out a lot every day until then. But I will have the biggest motivator on DVR of all time! Ironman Kona is coming on Sunday @ 4pm on NBC (channel 18 for the local folk). I will watch it at least 6 times and I will cry all six times.

This is turning into a long post but I want to talk Biggest Loser for a minute. I think Ada looked awesome and deserved a prize which means I do agree that there should be a male winner and a female winner. I also think the person with the biggest percentage lost should get the most money. I get the whole "alliance"/"game play" thing but I think there should be a red line every week; you don't loose the weight you go home. But I guess some people watch for the drama. I also wonder what they do to support the people at home. I would love a behind the scenes show because I feel bad for the people who come to finale and have obviously fallen off the wagon. I could go on forever but all in all it was a pretty weak season and I only liked Ada. Next season looks interesting especially with the Bob/Jillian hopefuls trying to get a spot on the show.

What can you get me for Christmas you ask??? Click the follow button people! 8 followers : ( My self esteem is suffering here!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day

Yesterday I did an Insanity work out that a coworker suggested and it was well.... INSANE! It kicked my butt and my butt is sore to prove it : ( I love a good work out but I wish I had saved it for another day. It is a workout that needs to back up to a day of rest. Usually if I have a snow day I take advantage and get a long run on the treadmill while Parker naps. Well 3 slow miles and I was D-O-N-E! Did I mention my butt is sore?? So my day in terms of working out was minimal but my day with Parker was great! If you want to see what we did all day you can check out my other blog where I write about what is #1 in my life: Parker Scott.

Wish List

Since my current Garmin hit the pavement I need a new one. Granted you could run without a Garmin but there are some days that I really enjoy having my Garmin and it helps a lot with pace work. SO this item knocked a few other "wants" off the list.

I want to try out the Saucony Kinvara. I have tried them on 3 times and ran in them once at a race expo and really like them! They are a lightweight shoe similar to the Nike Free. I do best in shoes with little support. Stability shoes always leave me hurting and I have always worn Sauconys. Pre-running I wore them when I worked out at the gym and I always wore their cushion shoes when I was working standing on my feet. I have been in my current shoes since August so they have 400+ miles on them! I have always worn white shoes so I thought I would change it up with black.

These pants are from Athleta and are $$$. BUT they come in petite! Under Armour and Nike pants are 4 inches too long for me and I get sick of running on my pants and being soaked to my knees because my pants get wet the whole time I run. I looked all summer on clearance racks but my size is never left and I can never find a petite. These are cold gear pants and I am in need of thicker pants. My plan is to wear my regular tights under these and be good to go.

Other items I want:
New hat
A second cold gear shirt
Allied Medal Hanger

So Santa if you are listening ; ) I have been really good and I promise I will run all the time if you bring me everything on my list!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

9 miles

This morning I ran 9 miles on the treadmill; it took me like 2 hours because I had to stop and change a diaper and check on Parker a couple of times. That is the farthest I have ever ran on a treadmill! I had a lot today and driving into town, bundling up and waiting on daylight was not an option. So I drug out of bed at 6:30 am and hit the treadmill. That is another first! I am NOT good at getting out of bed early to run but it feels so good to have 10 miles done before 8 am. Too bad I am going to eat every calorie I burned at my high school girls get together this afternoon.

Hope you and your family & friends are enjoying the holidays! My son is brining back the Christmas Spirit to this Scrooge.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Running from the Holidays : )

So the next two weeks are going to be filled with food, food, food. I never make it thru the holidays without gaining weight! Because I love sweets! Starting tomorrow work will be a buffet of sweets, appetizers, donuts and random other holiday goodies. Then I am having friends over Saturday, couple of nights out and then the real holiday meal start! That is a A LOT of calories. I am trying my best to fend them off. You would think I would not make $100 worth of candy in my own kitchen, huh? Nah... I love making peanut butter balls, oreo truffles, fudge, brownies and cookies. The best part about making is them is that I get to eat one or two and then give the rest away.

Speaking of running I watched the Biggest Loser marathon while I was running tonight and cried like a baby. I have watched numerous episodes before but since I have now ran a marathon myself I felt much more connected to the contestants. When Ada said she wanted to sit down at mile 23/24 I was sobbing. That was the same time I had to fight thru one of my biggest moments. Then when the ran across the finish with their family I was sobbing again. Good thing I was in the privacy of my own basement and not in a gym somewhere.

I e-mailed my husband my running wish list and he was a little sticker shocked by the prices. I want new good running pants and I have to hate a petite so they are like $90 bucks. I want new running shoes and unfortunately my Garmin and the black top had an unfortunate meeting so I guess I need a new one : (

103 miles to go! I will make it! Even if I have to sit on the trainer for 3 hours : )

If any short girls out there know of pants that run shorter or who makes petite let me know. I am 5 foot 2 (barely) so I need really short pants. Thanks!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Proud of Myself!

So Thanksgiving week was going to be a difficult week to get in any working out. Starting on Sunday I was going to be out of town at a conference and then Thanksgiving is always a whirl wind of events; add in going to see Granddaddy at the hospital and things get even more complicated. So I decided to take it one day at a time. I knew the Galt House had a great work out facility so I packed clothes and hoped my teaching buddy was willing to go work out or be okay to fly solo while I went and worked out. On the way up I learned she had packed clothes too! First night there we found out the facilities closed at 7:00 so we did 20 minutes on the treadmill and then walked stairs. Thats right we were the two crazy teachers climbing 25 flights of stairs at the Galt House. We did that for 20 minutes to get in the rest of our cardio. Second day we were lucky that the gym was open until later so we were able to get in 40 minutes the gym.

Once I was back home it was time for the festivities to being. I woke up early on Thanksgiving to knock out 5 miles on the treadmill and even after being sleep deprived from my 4am Black Friday shopping I hit the treadmill instead of napping : ) Super proud of my motivation to get it done! Now is time to have 3 normal weeks before Christmas festivities really pick up. Sweet potato casserole and cheesecake stay away! I need to get in 4.7 miles a day to knock out my 2010 miles for the year. Which is very possible with the bike trainer and the 10 mile runs on Saturdays.

Thanks for all the prayers for Granddaddy. He is doing much better. Eating on his own and overall feeling well. He will have to go to a nursing home since my grandmother will not be able to care for him but we are just thankful for the extra time we will have with him. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their family.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Help Parker Win!

Parker is in a contest : ) If you do the facebook thing go to:

and vote for Parker! You will also need to like the photography page so that you can hit "like". Thanks! We win free photographs and cake!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Trying to find time...

Busy : ( I have busy for a not so great reason! My Granddaddy has been in the hospital and is not doing well. While there is no place else I would rather be than sitting with him in the hospital I do miss running. I got in 10 miles Saturday morning because I was so stressed and sad but know I will not be able to run this week. I am going to try to run at night on the treadmill for a little bit. Anyone than runs knows you get antsy when you can not run and when I am under stress I am awful to be around if I have not been able to run. Friday night I was very emotional about loosing Granddaddy and I cried all night. So Saturday before I went to the hospital I ran my 10 miles and cried most of them but it helped so much! I just feel like I can deal with things better when I have an outlet for my stress. I am sure people were thinking "if it hurst so bad why is she running?" But I am not a crier and I needed somewhere to leave my tears : )

BUT spending time with my Granddaddy and watching Parker get kisses from his namesake is priceless and I will not run for weeks just to have more time with him.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ramblings and Venting

Current workout plan:
5-6 days a week 1 hour of cardio; 3 bike and 3 run or 2 bike and 3 run depending on the week. One of those runs will be my Saturday run which I am planning on getting in 10 miles every Saturday (obviously that will take longer than an hour). Now that the sun comes up before 8:00 I am hoping to start my Saturday off with a nice 10 mile run. Something about 10 miles makes me feel great. I also am no longer running with my Garmin which feels great! I work on speed on the treadmill but for long runs I just run courses I know the distance of and leave the garmin at home; just me, my thoughts and my music!

Random thoughts:

I need a race to train for! Thinking a marathon in Knoxville in April or just wait until the half but that doesn't seem motivating enough : ( Frustrated that there aren't more races in the winter. Plenty of 5Ks but I am done wasting money on them and it takes too much time out of my day to get in just 3 miles. I would rather spend the time it takes to drive there, wait, run, wait, drive home.... well running!

Here comes the venting! ..... I am sick of the skinny comments! I have my weight back down to where I want it. I have not lost ONE pound since APRIL! I have just continued to tone up. It is RUDE to say the following to skinny people "I am surprised you even eat!", "What do you eat?", "Why would you work out that much?". I do not go up to people who are overweight and say "How much do you weigh?", "How much do you eat?", or "Why don't you work out?". I eat 3 meals everyday. I consume the needed calories for someone of my size and I am well within the healthy range for a 5 foot 2 petite woman. I have met with my doctor multiple times about my working out and he knows what I eat and how much. Basically I don't eat junk (minus by daily regimen of cupcakes) and I work out 5 to 6 days a week. Venting done!

Little fact about me: I am a scrooge : ) The holidays are not that big of a deal to me. I like going to see family and eating (see I eat...oops I said I was done venting) but I think you can be with family anytime of the year. Going to see your family once a year because you HAVE to because it is the holidays is not what the holidays are about. Also, I am not a present person. I could honestly go the entire Christmas season without receiving one gift. As far as giving goes I would rather buy someone a gift when I see something I know they would like, even if it is on March 12th and not the week before December 25th. Point of this rant? Most people are all a twitter about the holidays; I on the other hand find myself getting increasing annoyed : (

After reading a couple of blogs about the New York Marathon I have decided it is a must! I even want to enter the lottery right now! I think I am going to hold off for a couple years since I am planning on going big for my 30th. I am thinking Arizona instead of Disney.

Thinking about new shoes?!?! Going to change it up. That will be a post of its own!

Sorry for the grumpy post : ( I will be more cheerful next time I promise!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tagged! It is about food!

As soon as I saw Big Daddy Diesel had been tagged I knew it was my turn : ) But I like to talk about food!

If you could eat anything without any health repercussions or guilt, what would your meal be?
Dessert! Dessert! Dessert! A lot of you are saying but Twila you eat dessert everyday! But I spend the whole time on the treadmill or bike saying "I ate a cupcake, I ate a cupcake!" I could honestly eat sweets until I threw up! I love junk! I could go days without eating meat, veggies or fruit and simply eat processed junk food : ) That is just sad to admit. I seriously have the worst eating habits knows to man.

If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why?
I would love to meet my mom's dad. He passed away a few years before I was born and I hear a lot about him from my mom and her sisters. He just seems like a real neat guy. I have always been a little sad about that fact I did not know one of my grandparents.
On a lighter note I really want to meet Steven Tyler! He will always be my #1 celebrity crush. I am going to watch American Idol (a show I HATE) just to see him weekly.

Why did you start blogging and what did you expect when you started?
My original blog is about my son Parker. I started that blog in June 2008 when I first got pregnant but I miscarried. I kept my blog going during my infertility issues and kept the blog to serve as a pregnancy journal. Then I had a few family and friends following my blog to keep up with Parker. In January; by that time Parker was 1 and a half, I made a news year resolution to get in 2010 miles of exercise in the year 2010 so I started a running blog. The blog community had gotten me through a miscarriage, pregnancy, newborn days, and toddler days so I figured it would get me through becoming a runner! I have grown so much as a runner because of my blog friends; granted I feel like a stalker at times : )

What is the one book you could read over and over again?
I have read "Flowers in the Attic" by V.C. Andrews at least 10 times since I read it for the first time in 5th grade; I think I was too young to read it then. Other than that I do not read books more than one time. I love to read and when I have the summers off (I teach) I ready no less than 20 books during the summer. When I was at the beach this summer I read a book everyday. Favorite authors and series include: James Patterson, Nicholas Spark, Patricia Cornwell, Mary Higgins Clark, Twilight series, Sookie Stackhouse series, Mitch Album and the Harry Potter series. I have also started reading "running" books such as Run Like a Mother.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
My bucket list of places to travel to is LONG! I want to see all 50 states and travel Europe before I die. BUT if you made me pick one place it would be Hawaii. I have in my head that Hawaii is going to be some magical island where I will be laying in the sun getting a golden tan, drinking fruity drinks, eating fresh fruit and swimming with sea turtles. Don't ruin my fantasy!

If you could have a TV show on the Food Network, what would it be?
I don't cook at all : ( and I don't think I can name one show on Food Network. Don't get me wrong I can cook basic foods but I rarely cook. Most nights it is just me and Parker at home since Scott works out of town so we spend a lot of nights eating frozen meals. Mom of the year I know! I am working on it I promise.

What was the best meal you ever had?
I know I have walked away from a lot of places saying "That is the best meal I have ever had" but for some reason right now I am at a loss! Hands down good Mexican is always a BEST meal. I am lucky to have a great Mexican restaurant where we live. The one meal that sticks out in my head at this moment is an anniversary dinner at The Melting Pot. Not sure if the food was the great or just the night itself; or the ending the meal elbow deep in a bowl of melted chocolate.

Who has been the greatest influence on your love for food and learning to cook?
Learning to cook?? Well lets say I got my lack of cooking honest. My mom is a great cook and is capable of cooking anything in the world but we just don't like to do it. My love for food probably comes from my husband. When we met I was PICKY. If you think what I eat now is bad you would not believe how horrible I ate 10 years ago. Scott has done a great job of introducing me to new foods and encouraging me to try different foods.

I am going to torture... umm tag the following people:
Am I Crazy of Just Crazy (one of my real life friends; Crystal)

Hope you had fun getting to know me better!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Iron Horse Half Marathon

I signed up or this half marathon early because I wanted to support the local races and this was its first year. I didn't even think about the fact I would be running it 2 weeks after my marathon. I was really unsure if I wanted to run this race but I am a race addict so I did. I felt very unprepared for many reasons:
1. For the past 2 months I have been perfecting running a 10 minute mile for the 26.2
2. I barely ran the week after my marathon and it was awkward and slow
3. This weekend was crazy busy!

I was so blah about the whole race I did not do anything to prepare. I had a girl I know go get my packet and didn't even go pick it up from her house. The night before I ate a huge Mexican meal and threw out some random running clothes. I rode up with a Lisa (my chiropractor's wife) and we decided we would try to run together. I was hoping to maintain a 9:00 minute mile and she is more like a 8:00 minute mile runner. It was a small crowd of under a 1,000 so it was not too hard to get out of the pack. We did our first mile in 8:15.... uh oh am I going out to fast? I decided what the heck lets see what you got! I can run 8:00 minute miles at shorter distances (3-6 miles) but have never been able to maintain anything better than a 9 something on the longer distances. Well Lisa and I just chatted it up and were at mile 6 in a flash. Every mile was 8:33, 8:45, 8:38! What the heck? On top of that it was a hilly course! It was never flat for more than a few minutes. But we just kept on trucking. At mile 11 we went up one last big hill and Lisa pulled ahead of me. Going down the hill I knew she was going to fly so I let her go. But I told myself not to pull back too much. When I looked at my watch going into the last 3 tenths I was running 7:45! Sweet! The clock was 1:53:00 even when I finished but I still waiting on my official chip time. Should be a minute or two faster. My last half back in March was a 2:32!

*Official time 1:52:11; 9th in age group, 8:34 pace!

Overall it was a great run! Chilly start (low 40s) but turned out to be a great morning. Plenty of water, great volunteers, nice country course with a lot of scenery. You would have to train for hills to be ready for it but I think I will run it again next year.

Sandal Season??

So the question is will I be ready for sandal season? I have never lost a toenail or had a black toenail but the marathon gave me another first! The 2nd toenail is all the way gone now and the big toe nail is falling off too : ( Guess this makes me a runner for sure! How long does it take a whole toe nail to grow out? Guess that is the good part about doing a fall marathon you can get your toenails back by sandal season. Makes me second guess that April Marathon!

Since I grossed you out with my feet I will leave you with something a little cuter...
Happy Halloween from my Mickey Mouse!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black Cat Chase 5K

My mom at her first 5K! The Black Cat Chase is a fun Halloween themed run that is put on by YMCA. It was at 7:00 at night and was is downtown Franfort at the State Capitol. There were over 1600 people and a lot of people wore costumes. We started off at the old capitol lawn and ran UP to the capitol building. It was beautiful running towards the capitol all lit up! We went around the capitol and then the whole race was downhill to the finish. Mom crossed the finish line at 30:35! GO MOM! She is ready to do another one. There are a couple Jingle Bell Jogs coming up so I think we will do one of those.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

2 Race Kind of Weekend

This weekend I am going to be a BUSY girl!

Friday night I am running in a Halloween themed 5K in Frankfort. It is suppose to be a real fun run. It is at night and there are over 1000 people that run in the race. The BEST part is that I am running with my mom. It will be her first 5K so I am really excited about that.

Saturday is the day of Halloween activities. We will be trick or treating downtown and taking part in all the festivities that it offers. I am from a small town so it will be limited. There is going to be a Thriller Dance at the end of the night. That should be interesting.

Sunday I am running in a half marathon. Not really sure why but I am. I signed up for it long ago and think I wanted to support the local races or something. But 2 weeks after my marathon I am just not feeling it. I was able to run "fast" the other night for about 3-4 miles but I still feel awkward running. My toenails keep flaking off so my toes are super tender. I have been getting blisters easier too. I think my feet were raw from the marathon and are blistering easier. But either way I am going to run 13.1 miles on Sunday.

* I FINALLY have a team for the Bourbon Chase. The race started 2 years ago and I have wanted to do it each year but never found anyone that wanted to do it. I am excited about a the group I am running with. I think we are going to have a lot of fun! You can read all about the Bourbon Chase here. Basically it is a 12 person relay that runs for 200 miles in 36 hours or less : ) If you want to get in at the cheap price ($1200 for the team which is $100 per person) you have to sign up by Thanksgiving. This year there were 220 teams and 44 states were represented! I went to the finish line and watched some of the teams come across and it is going to be a great time.

My eating is OUT of control since the marathon! I have been eating JUNK. "It stops tomorrow" "I won't do this next week" "Next week I am not buying that at the grocery" EXCUSES! EXCUSES! It is time to stop eating junk. I am really stressed at my job right now so that is 90% of the problem. I typically don't "eat my feelings" but I have started that bad habit again. SO I am going to say it one more time "the junk stops NOW". Time to take out my frustrations on the treadmill or the bike trainer.

Have a great holiday weekend with your family!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

10 miles and Ramblings

On Saturday I ran my first long run after the marathon. 10 miles felt really good! I was able to run the first 5 in 44:30! I was wanting some speed work; so I pushed myself to that uncomfortable pace. I took a little stretch break and took a Gu but I was not able to push out that pace for the next 5 miles. I was also going uphill most of the way back since I was on the Pike. Overall I was happy with the run. I had some goals in my head and was disappointed in my final time of 1:45 but hope it was the hills.

With that being said I am going to go ahead and do the local half marathon on Sunday (Halloween). I have some goals in my head but the #1 goal is to beat 2:32 (my first half). That should be a done deal since at 13.1 during my marathon I was 2:14 for my half way split. I would like to be even quicker than that but we shall see.

I registered for a very important race this Friday. I am doing the Black Cat Chase in Frankfort with my MOM. My mom starting running this summer; she says I inspired her : ) She has been running 3 miles for the past few months and has decided to tackle her first 5K. It is suppose to a real fun race and I am looking forward to running every step with my mom. She is even considering signing up for a half marathon in the Spring.

DVR: Greatest invention ever! Since I am not marathon training right now I am getting in some extra miles on the trainer. My favorite show to watch is Biggest Loser; even though they are hands down the worst cast ever! I also watch Days of Our Lives, Amazing Race, 90210 and chic flicks! Nothing like an hour or so on the trainer to get me to 2010 miles.

GO KRIS! Kris is going to knock out her miles this week. She is awesome. Follow her new blog (linked on the side) as she trains a few ladies for their first half.

Friday, October 22, 2010


What do you feel like after a marathon? Well here was my week:

Cross the finish line - radiating pain in all parts of body, joyous yet wondering if your muscles will ever un-cramp! 4 hour drive home was a huge thumbs down. Best part was laying in the grass stretching at a rest area and looking over and seeing a guy with a medal doing the same thing!

Day 1 after - not sure if there was pain because I did not leave my recliner other than to pee and eat! I ate EVERY calorie I burned plus some.... I had fast food! GASP!

Day 2 after- back to work : ( Man my classroom is too far down the hall! I could not keep up with my kids. Walked a mile on the treadmill and that seemed to help

Day 3- Hello legs! Tightness was the normal "long" run tightness. Ran/walked 4 miles : )

Day 4- no pain during the day and ran 5 miles (slowly)

Day 5- biked 12 because foot was being achy again

Day 6 - rest because it is Friday and I do not work out on Fridays

Day 7 - Bring it on LONG run (10 miles) I will let you know how that goes!

I had read about a variety of post marathon feelings and I think I had them all!
Superwoman: Check
Need to sign up for Race Addict Anonymous: Check (I googled the next marathon all day the day after)
Fatigue: Check (I was shocked that I was tired for a couple days after)
Mopey: Check (had some post run blues)

Ready to focus on more manageable miles for the next 2 months! Still want to hit some 10 mile runs on the weekend but anxious to do some speed work again. Half marathons are in my future for sure but I have a feeling another will find its way back on my schedule sooner than later; maybe Spring?

Trying to find a NICE marathon in January 2012! I really want to run one the weekend before or after my 30th on January 11th. Mixed feelings on Disney so I am also looking into the Arizona Rock n Roll. Thoughts? Suggestions? I know that is far away but I am a planner and list maker : )

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Indianapolis Marathon Race Recap

The stats for those who don't want to read my novel:
5 mile split 51:36, pace 10:20, Rank 723
Half split 2:14:17, pace 10:16, Rank 676
19 mile split 3:14:26, pace 10:14, Rank 608
Last 1.25 miles 12:25, pace 9:56, Rank 297
Net time: 4:27:46, pace 10:14
Division Place: 47
Gender Place: 151
Overall Place: 506
Pre-Race: I rode up with Jeremy and Crystal who were doing their first half so that Parker and Scott did not have to come up until the day of. We had a great trip up and found, hotel, shuttle location, race course and expo fairly easily! Packet pick up was quick and the expo was so-so. Not a lot to look at but I did get to Bondi Bands. I bought the pink one below since I eat at the Twisted Sifter at least once a week and a blue one that says "Run Like a Mother" because I love the book and follow the RLAM blog.
Pre-Race Meal: O'Charleys! I do not do pasta!! I burp it up the whole next day. The sauces, garlic and butter are not my friend. During training I have done a high protein (plain burger, chicken) and a large baked potato. So I had a "pick 2" of grilled chicken breast, chicken fingers, baked potato and 2 rolls. I was easy on the butter, sour cream and only drank water. I was nervous about the chicken fingers since I have not had anything friend in a very long time but they sat well. I felt nice and full but not heavy. Based on the next day I will make that a regular pre-race meal. I also drank water like it was my job all week and the day before.
Race Day: I slept so-so; basically I was up every hour to see what time it was but I was able to go back to sleep. Woke up at 6 am, suited up and was out the door to the shuttle bus by 6:45 am. The shuttle was great (minus the fact that the drive got lost on the way there)!
The outfit: Under Armour capri leggings (LOVE), black running shorts over, long under armour tank, white wicking long sleeve tee, throw away sweater, thorlo socks, bondi band, Garmin, Go Belt with 3 Gus and 1 Cliff Blocks and my iPod.

Corrals/Port-a-Potties: The race site was great (minus being upper 30s). Lots of port-a-potties! and the corrals were nicely organized. This is where I met my pace group. I was nervous about starting by myself and being by myself the all day so I started look for a friend. I saw this couple (Jon and Kim) who were looking for the 4:30 group. I wanted to stay as close to the 4:30 group for as long as I could. This was my "A" goal. Well we finally found our pace guy; Iain. He was great! I could tell from the beginning he was going to great to have around. He had an cool accent (British? Australian?), a nice calm about him, had researched the course, gave us a plan for water stops and hills (he would walk them), told us how to go pee and catch up and told us he would never leave us. I committed along with 5-10 other people plus plenty of other but there was a "group" of us that knew each others names.

Miles 1-5: Uneventful! The weather was perfect and the scenery gorgeous! The trees were all changing and we ran around a campus and into Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park which was breath taking. We would eventually run in and out and in and out of this park! I felt like I was in an ant farm. There were parts we ran through at least 3 times but never the same way. It was nice because you could always see a "winner" coming or the back of the pack and give everyone a cheer! The one thing I was shocked about was how hateful people were! It was crowded on the narrow trails and people would get down right ugly. But my pace guy kept us at a stead 10:00-10:30 pace!
Mile 1: ditched the gloves
Mile 3: tied shirt around waste (I threw down the sweater before I started)
Mile 4.5 mint chocolate GU

Miles 6-10: Still having fun! We had a set group at this point. Jon, Kim, the 60 year old out to BQ, 52 marathons in 52 weeks guy, nameless lady and the 70 year old who was going for a 2:15 half marathon. I still felt good but did turn on music at mile 7 just to give me something else to think about. I did the one ear, low volume thing so I could still talk. Again the race just kept getting prettier and prettier! The sun was out, still cool and I loved every minute of it. This is also when I spotted Racing with Babies on the trail. I saw yellow and orange flash by and knew it was her! I ran up to say "Hello" but let her go on at her faster pace.

Mile 11-14: Yep! Still fun! Little pain in the calf, knee, arches here and there but nothing serious. I was able to see Crystal at mile 10 of her half and Sarah at the same time; these girls have done some great things this summer getting ready for their first half! Racing with Babies doesn't know it but I also saw her have to stop for another bathroom break at mile 14! I love seeing people along the course and I am sure I am borderline annoying with my cheering and yelling but it helps me and I hope I am helping them. I Gued again at mile 10.

Mile 15-18: The pain starts to show up! Anything over mile 15 is where my body starts to hurt! I guess it is lack of long runs and I have only been running for 1 1/2 years. I was hoping my parents, Scott and Parker would be at mile 17 so I put on my big girl pants and sucked it up! Instead of guing at 15 (the plan) I decided to open my Cliff Blocks at 17 and eat one every mile (until 22) to give me something to do during the feared "wall"; this turned out to be a great idea! My family was at mile 17 and I could not look at them for fear of sobbing like a baby. They kept me smiling until mile 18.

Mile 18-22: "Hi" wall, "Bye" wall, "Hi" wall, "Bye" wall. Did I hit a wall? No. Did I see the wall? Sure did! It went something like this:

The wall: "just walk, if you walk now you will still make your C goal!" "Lots of people can't even say they have done a marathon, who cares about your time!" "Who does this?"

The Anti-wall" "That is just stupid! You have stuck with it this long; you better suck it up" "You have hung with the group this long, DO IT!" "Waist up you are fine!"

We had this conversation for a long time! But anytime Jon or Iain would see me slipping behind he would come back for me.

I had told myself I would stick with my pace group until mile 20 and then drop back on my own and just run/walk/shuffle it in on my own. Well my pace group was having no part of that plan. Iain and Jon were like "You are strong". At one point they boxed me in and would not let me fall back! LOVE them! Finally I said "I feel like hell!, How do you all feel so damn good?" The 60 year old spoke up and said "I feel like hell too but I am going to die trying to qualify for Boston" Ianin spoke up and reminded me I would not be human if I didn't hurt! So at Mile 22 I sucked it up and counted down the last 4 miles!
Behind me is the pace group (I was running ahead to see my family). I have a better picture from the finish line. Will post the close up picture tomorrow.

Mile 22 - Mile 26: I had been breaking the run down into "5Ks" 17-20, 20-23 and 23-26! That helped and I had one Gu left. It is my super caffeine one. I knew it would not actually kick in but I told myself it would help. So at mile 22 I tore it open and started "sipping" on it. It was nice to have some flavor and I talked myself into thinking it was giving me a boost. Let me start off my saying I was in PAIN! But I was able to push the pain aside and but my sights on the finish. These 4 miles actually went by quick! We were ahead of pace and knew mile 25 was a possible hill so there was no walking or slowing down in case it was needed at mile 25. Mile 24 I put in both ear buds and cranked up the music! Iain was trying to tell me how great I was doing but the tears were flowing so I had to tune him out : ) I listened to "Where the Spirit of the Lord Is" and Shackles. Nothing like a reminder that God is awesome to make you think you can do anything! Keep in my right before that it was some old school rap with lots of angry curse words! I have a diverse playlist on my iPod.

Coming up on the finish I put it into high gear and went for it! My pace group came across together. By this time it was Iain (pace leader), Jon, Kim and 60 year old BQ lady! The others had dropped in that mile 17- mile 21 loop that was the "wall" for many! Seeing people hit their wall was sad. There were so many people walking and sitting down. It I had not had my pace group I could have easily joined them.

Do you see the pain in my face? My calved cramped up so bad! I could not walk! But there were a lot of other people around me who looked the same so that helped! The game plan was to hit the hotel, shower and go to Louisville for Mexican and Cheesecake Factory dessert but I just wanted home! So we decided to get on the road for my favorite restaurant Guadalajara and I grabbed some of Crystal's birthday cake!

2 tacos, 1 enchilada, 1 tostada, bean dip, chips, salsa, margarita which was followed my a piece of mint chocolate chip birthday cake that I brought home with me.

What next? Another Marathon? YES! I will do another marathon. However, the training is time consuming so it will be awhile. So I am going to try to get in 3-4 half marathons in the next year and then train for Disney World (January 2012, close the my 30th birthday). I am going to put my bucket list of future races up soon. Right now I have Midway, Ky in 2 weeks (if the pain is gone) and want to sign up for Virgina Beach Half in March and Rock-n-Roll half in Nashville in April.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I finished! I am too tired to blog and upload pictures so here is the mini recap.

Great race, great course, AWESOME pace group beat my A Goal (4:30)

4:27:46! Freaking thrilled! I am on cloud nine. I will have a huge blog tomorrow with pictures since I have no plans of leaving the bed, couch, recliner : )

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Bag is Packed!

I am going to admit that I have my bag packed already! Since I am taking it easy this week by biking and going on light runs I will not need my good running stuff so I decided to go ahead and pack. My husband saw the bag and was like "I wouldn't expect any less". Basically I am Type A to the tee. I have also e-mailed directions and times to the family coming up. Anyone out there wondering what to pack for a marathon? Well here is what is in my bag:

Running shoes : )
Thorlo socks
Capri running tights (45 degree start, 65 degree finish and prevents chub rub)
Running shorts to wear over tights (prevents camel toe and other TMI views)
Long Under Armour tank
Long Sleeve Wicking shirt that can be tied around waist when I get hot (mile 2)
Sweaty Band
Hat in case it rains
Throw away shirt to wear while waiting
Throw away gloves (will be off within one mile)
Running belt stocked with 3 gus and 1 thing of Clif Blocks
iPod with new playlist
Standard Pre-run breakfast (2 cereal bars)
3 bottles of water (I hate buying over priced water at hotels)

The after Marathon outfit:
Really tight Skinny Jeans to show off my running legs! HA! Or maybe for the compression.

I am super excited! I only get nervous for a minute or two. I feel very ready! My training has been light due to daily demands and a couple of brief illnesses but I really feel like my body is ready for this. The weather is suppose to be beautiful and my family is coming to watch. My parents, husband and son will be getting up at the crack of dawn to drive to Indianapolis to watch me finish and then they are taking me for a victory dinner. Since I am never hungry right after I am going to go shower and then drive towards Louisville (sorta half way between Indianapolis and home) to eat. I have picked Los Aztecas a yummy Mexican restaurant my husband and I ate at in August for our anniversary trip. I will be stopping at The Cheesecake Factory for a huge piece of cheesecake on the way home!

Thanks to everyone that follows! If anyone out there is doing Indianapolis let me know!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

1 week!

I did a 10 mile run today and then it will be taking it easy until next Saturday. I feel good about next week and only have three goals:

1) finish
2) not be last
3) not have to crawl : )

My run today was great and I felt strong! I found a new Gu I like; Mint Chocolate and that will be in my belt for sure next Saturday. I am trying to enjoy a low key week and get ready for the "big day" : )

Another celebration for me is that I am one year smoke free. I started smoking when I was in high school and was a moderate to heavy smoker during college and when I first got married. I did not smoke during my pregnancy and made it until he was about 3 months old before I started again. I only smoked one cigarette a night when I was smoking after that. When I started running 5Ks in May 2009 I was still smoking but when I signed up for my first half (February 2010) I decided I should stop smoking. SO the end of last September/early October I smoked my last cigarette. I do not know the exact date but I know it has been a year or a little more since I smoked. I will tell you that it is not easy. There are MANY nights I want to go out on the deck and smoke with my husband. There are MANY times when I am stressed and I think about smoking. But is obviously not the choice to make for many reasons.

Today I am loving that the Ironman World Championship (Kona) is on! Really bummed that Chrissie Wellington had to drop out due to sickness. I have a lot of respect for these athletes and love watching the phenomenal accomplishments they make. I will never go to Kona or do an Ironman anytime soon but I still love to watch it! Definitely worth setting your DVR on December 18th to record the NBC special on Kona; you will be motivated by the pros and age groupers.

I am already looking into future races; some on my radar are:
Nashville Rock n Roll Half (with parents)
Virginia Beach Half (Mom and Brother?)
Disney Marathon January 2012 close to my 30th birthday
Outerbanks Marathon (fall 2011, fall 2010)
Race to Recovery HIM (June 2011)

Who knows? Just need to have something on the calendar to keep my butt in motion!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

20 miles...

Thumbs up for:

* Ran the first 8 by myself and had a great time! Listened to some new music to and the time went by fast.

*Met up with my fried Crystal for the last 12 miles and that always helps.

* The song "Shackles" by Mary Mary for getting me to the end. I am sure people were giving me second looks as I was giving praise running down the road.

*My little 10 mile cheer that made some lady stop and stare at me! Seriously people running is fun!

*2 buses parked at the back of a church (see my thumbs down and you will figure it out)

*My mom who came to check on me : )

* The pike for being beautiful and giving me a good workout.

* All the other runners out on the road today; I really like the "older" men and women out there who inspire me to still be running when I am 60+

* Clif Blocks the cran-razz flavor; I look forward to my mile beep just so I can eat another one.

* My always faithful tangerine 2X the caffeine Power Bar energy gel that gets me going! Ask Crystal who was probably thinking "please shut up" when she joined up with me.

* Last long run before the big day! Can you say taper?!?!?

Thumbs down:

*Mile 15-17 when I had some weird calf pain that was enough to make me cuss.

* Steven Tyler did not inspire me to run harder. I love Aerosmith and have a huge crush on Steven Tyler but he was not doing it for me today.

* TWO bathroom breaks.

* The pike for all the hills (it is a love/hate thing)

* The viscous rottweiler looking dog that came lunging at me! Thank God for invisible fence or I would have been a doggy treat.

Overall I was very happy with my 20 miler! Hoping those other 6 come easy : )