2012 Miles

Friday, December 31, 2010

11 miles and Changing Plans

So I started off the New Year with an 11 mile run! I know it is technically still 2010 BUT I am counting it early for 2 reasons:
1. It is a year long goal that will go from 12/31/10-12/31/11
2. I plan on having a small hangover tomorrow : )

Also, my half marathon plans are already changing. The Rock N Roll in Nashville is $$$ and the hotels/shuttle are $$$$$$! SO we are now looking at other races. We have a lot of choices:

April 3rd- half marathon in Lexington (Run the Bluegrass) which is like 45 mins from my house
April 30th- Derby; more $$$ hotels
April 30th- Flying Pig in Cincinnati (little travel and hotel cost again)

I also need to make my full marathon choice today : ( I think I am going to do Virginia Beach once I work out the logistics of traveling that far. My brother lives there so I can stay with him. I think the sooner I have a full coming up the better! I was more motivated to not cut my long run short day when I knew it was my first training run.

I miss my Garmin : ( running naked has been fun and less stressful but I have no idea how long it has taken me to run or what my pace has been! For all I know I have been knocking out an 11:00 min pace.

Have fun on your New Years Run!


  1. I suggest using the Garmin but don't look at it until you get home. That way you can still judge your runs without changing anything during the middle of them.