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Monday, December 13, 2010

Wish List

Since my current Garmin hit the pavement I need a new one. Granted you could run without a Garmin but there are some days that I really enjoy having my Garmin and it helps a lot with pace work. SO this item knocked a few other "wants" off the list.

I want to try out the Saucony Kinvara. I have tried them on 3 times and ran in them once at a race expo and really like them! They are a lightweight shoe similar to the Nike Free. I do best in shoes with little support. Stability shoes always leave me hurting and I have always worn Sauconys. Pre-running I wore them when I worked out at the gym and I always wore their cushion shoes when I was working standing on my feet. I have been in my current shoes since August so they have 400+ miles on them! I have always worn white shoes so I thought I would change it up with black.

These pants are from Athleta and are $$$. BUT they come in petite! Under Armour and Nike pants are 4 inches too long for me and I get sick of running on my pants and being soaked to my knees because my pants get wet the whole time I run. I looked all summer on clearance racks but my size is never left and I can never find a petite. These are cold gear pants and I am in need of thicker pants. My plan is to wear my regular tights under these and be good to go.

Other items I want:
New hat
A second cold gear shirt
Allied Medal Hanger

So Santa if you are listening ; ) I have been really good and I promise I will run all the time if you bring me everything on my list!


  1. I like those shoes, I am a stabilty runner, we dont have cool shoes, neutral runners get all the cool gear.

    You should put your list in "Santas" lunch bag or on top of his pillow.

  2. I like the Kinvara's too. Check out www.shoesontheweb.com I have bought here many times and they have some great prices on Kinvara's if you don't mind the colors. For some reason, some colors are cheaper than others.

  3. does scott read your blog? do i need to direct him here? :)