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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Reflection

Started the year training for my first half marathon in Myrtle Beach but it snowed there for the first time in 10 years; people freaked out and the race was cancelled!
We ran 13.1 miles anyway!

Decided to run a "real" half marathon close to home in Lexington. That turned out to be worse than the first one that didn't happen. It was low 40s and pouring down rain the entire time. My arms were numb and throbbing by the time I finished with a time of 2:32:31
Ran a lot of 5Ks all summer and smashed my last year times! Could not break 30 minutes in 2009 but ended 5K season with a PR of 24:28!

Bought a road bike and really enjoyed riding so...
I learned to swim (sorta) and did a Sprint Tri! LOVE running, like biking, HATE swimming!
Trained and ran my first full marathon in Indianapolis in October! LOVED it! It is the best thing I did all year! My time was 4:27:48 and I can not wait to do another one!
Did a half in a local town (Midway) and broke 2 hours by 8 minutes! 1:52:11

Ran my mom's first 5K with her.

What does next year bring? Check back to find out....


  1. That is exactly my thoughts, Love running, like biking, HATE swimming.

  2. Love Parker poking his head around you in the midway picture.

    I am complete opposite of course: LOVE swimming, like biking, tolerates running. I wouldn't say hates running now, but for years it was that way!