2012 Miles

Monday, December 27, 2010

Goal Met!

I am super excited to be done with my 2010 miles! I love that it took me all year because it gave me a reason to go downstairs or go outside and work out on the days I was feeling a little lazy. I have goals for next year and I will post them on New Years Day!

When I stepped on the treadmill I knew I wanted to make my last miles count so I decided to run 5 miles and run it hard. I am not sure what my outside PR is for 5 miles but I think it is 44 something. My treadmill PR was 43:11 and today I kicked it up and finished in 42:35. I am always happy with anything around 45 minutes but was thrilled with my time today!

I did get my new Saucony shoes that I put on here on my wish list and I like them. They do feel different. They are a neutral shoe that can be compared to the Nike Free is someways. I do not plan on running anything more than 5-6 miles in them but I have read of people doing full marathons in them. I also received some new running pants that I am returning for 1 pair. They were all too long of course. My parent bought me an awesome Saucony running shirt that I can not wait to wear. AND I will be getting my Garmin for my birthday on January 11th.

I mentioned blogging about Kona but just lack the time to go in detail about it. Basically these are my feelings:

*LOVE watching it because it is so inspiring and totally motivates me to push thru the pain
*Crowie is amazing to look at and listen to : ) He is the reason I started reading about IronMan
*Crissie Wellington would have won it but Mirinda will give her run for her money in 2011
*Macca knows how to mess with your mind and he deserved the win for many reasons
* I would like more "average" people to be highlighted
* And as Tri Daddy Diesel said "they are genetic freaks" 5:35 average pace for 10 miles!!!

Hope everyone is back on track after the gluttony of the holidays! Can't wait to tackle what 2011 brings to the table!!


  1. Congrats on meeting and exceeding your goal! That's quite an accomplishment. Hey, you still have 5 more days too!

    I have been looking for others who share an interest in running. I started a blog several months ago in hopes of starting a group to share experiences. If you have time, stop by my blog and say hello.


  2. Congrats. That's a good strong goal too!

  3. Yay! You did it! :) Congrats! Can't wait to see what you have planned in 2011.

  4. CONGRATS! Glad you met your goal with days to spare!