2012 Miles

Sunday, August 29, 2010

15 miles is...

*the farthest I have ever ran

*really boring when you do 3 out and backs from your house; but did make it easier to GU and drink water

*one way to make your neighbors think you are crazy; hence the up and down the road many times and the fact I circled my house 3 times to hit 15.0 on the Garmin

*considerably harder than 12 miles; yeah I broke the 10% rule

*11 miles away from what I will have to do on October 16th!

Random Thoughts from Tonight:

I wanted a fountain Sprite from Long John Silvers when I saw a cup on the side of the road. I have not ate there in a couple years but I really like their ice.

I wanted a new Mini Blizzard from DQ when I saw a spoon in the road

I realized I should not run while hungry.

I need a better bra. Apparently 15 miles of jarring is even enough to make my barely A girls hurt : ( A problem I never thought I would ever have!

I planned some new modified test for my kids in Social Studies.

Lots of other random thoughts about what I would wear for the marathon and of course the usual pace calculations that keep your brain busy.

This week will consist of:
Monday- active rest on the trainer; miles unknown
Tuesday- swim/5 mile run
Wednesday- Possible Brick or doing the 15 mile course for the tri for practice
Thursday- swim/5 mile run
Friday- rest
Saturday- treadmill run at Great Wolfe Lodge
Sunday- most likely rest but maybe a work out at the hotel
Monday - 16 mile run (Might as well LABOR thru a run on Labor Day; HA HA!)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best Race of the Year

Today was Railroad Days! This is a course know for being fast and flat. HUGE crowd of 190ish. There were about 20-30 Cross Country girls from a local college who race unofficially but made the pre-race vibe a little intense. Most races are the "usual suspects" but this race was going to be fast with that many speed extras : ) I was a little nervous since I had not had a good run since I practiced the course Sunday night (24:58) and I had Strep Throat this week. Plus I was bad and ate Mexican the night before AND my meds had me up early with a lot of trips to the bathroom : (

First 1/2 mile was weird I would not look at my watch! I knew I was running really fast or really slow. I just felt weird. I didn't look at my watch until the 2 mile marker which is rare for me. It was 15 something I think and my pace 7:44! I slowed some due to curves and a cramp in my side but splashed water on my face with six tenths to go and took off. This race is bad because you see the finish to the right but have to run to the left and around the track. I started to get a weird dizzy filling and had to slow down. I think I was weak due to the stomach issues and not eating this morning. But I kicked it up a little and finished at 24:28. As you can see below I was thrilled with my time! My old PR was 24:56! A pace of 7:52! WHOA!

I also placed first in my age group!

It was a great day for everyone I know that runs! I am so proud of everyone that made a PR and placed in their age group! Only 2 more 5Ks in the Serres. Be sure to check out Crystal's blog in my blog roll; "Am I crazy to be a runner"! She will have a great post! She has made SO much progress.

Friday, August 20, 2010

August 22 - August 28 Schedule

Sunday- 300 meter swim followed by 15 mile bike (the tri course and practice transition)
Monday- 300 meter swim followed by short run (back to back nights was the only way I could schedule it this week)
Tuesday - rest : ( Back to Night class for me! MIGHT get up for an early bike or run
Wednesday- 5 miles on treadmill
Thursday- 5 miles on treadmill
Friday - rest
Saturday - 14 miles

Being back at work, going to night class on Tuesday are making this tough but I will get it all in! Hoping some other weeks work out better than this but it is what it is : )

90% sure I am doing to Tri on September 25th! Big Daddy Diesel and Monica had some great word of encouragement that made me feel better about the whole thing. I will not be the first out of the water but I have worked hard and the race is my reward to all my hard work!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Successes and Ramblings

This week has had many successes in my training!

#1 swam 300 meters in 10 minutes 30 seconds. Way fast for me yet way slow for others : ) I have went back to free style. I swim with my face in the water when I can and just keep my head out of the water for long. Not proper technique but it is the best I can do for now.

#2 Biked 22 miles; longest bike ride yet!

#3 12 mile run was awesome! Negative split on my halfway time. Non-runners that means I ran the second half faster than the first half, about 2 minutes faster! 9:40 average pace with a final time of 1 hour 56 minutes!

#4 I woke up early again to run! I can't hardly do the 5:30 thing just yet but I was in the parking lot ready to go at 6:15 a.m.

#5 I am pretty consistently getting in 4 runs a week, 2 bikes a week and 2 swims a week!


I don't turn my music on until I have to have it. It kind of re-pumps me up.

I hate new running shoes. They never feel good.

I like cheap shoes. I bought a $130 pair of Brooks that is a "great" running shoe and I hated it! I run in a $50 pair of Saucony Ignitions. Too bad they changed them up a little and the extra cushion is making my feet hot.

I refuse to run outside when the heat index is in the 100s. Therefore ALL of my during the week runs will be on the treadmill since I have had to rejoin to working world since school started on Wednesday.

My son only sleeps late on the morning I get up to run. If I had been home he would have been up at 6:30 am. I came home from my run and he was still asleep at 8:45 : (

I stare into oncoming cars to take my mind off running and I think it annoys people. But I also do not run with contacts so a lot of the time I am trying to figure out if it is someone I know.

If you really need a distraction run through a cemetery and read the names on tombstones. Fast mile of the day : )

I am trying new gel/GU. Does no caffeine help with the belly issues. I GUed at mile 6 and at mile 10 my belly was talking to me : (

Just a few of the things I think about while running! Feel free to comment on any of the above.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweaty Band

I won a Sweaty Band. So far I am not in love but I don't hate it either. It does not slip which is a surprise since I have never had anything stay on my head. I still get sweat in my face but not as much. It gives me really bad running hair! But I have short hair so it is always going to look funny. I am going to wear it tomorrow for a long run and see how I feel before I return it to my friend that I won it from! Good news is if I like them my mom is working on learning how to make them since they are $18 for one!