2012 Miles

Sunday, August 29, 2010

15 miles is...

*the farthest I have ever ran

*really boring when you do 3 out and backs from your house; but did make it easier to GU and drink water

*one way to make your neighbors think you are crazy; hence the up and down the road many times and the fact I circled my house 3 times to hit 15.0 on the Garmin

*considerably harder than 12 miles; yeah I broke the 10% rule

*11 miles away from what I will have to do on October 16th!

Random Thoughts from Tonight:

I wanted a fountain Sprite from Long John Silvers when I saw a cup on the side of the road. I have not ate there in a couple years but I really like their ice.

I wanted a new Mini Blizzard from DQ when I saw a spoon in the road

I realized I should not run while hungry.

I need a better bra. Apparently 15 miles of jarring is even enough to make my barely A girls hurt : ( A problem I never thought I would ever have!

I planned some new modified test for my kids in Social Studies.

Lots of other random thoughts about what I would wear for the marathon and of course the usual pace calculations that keep your brain busy.

This week will consist of:
Monday- active rest on the trainer; miles unknown
Tuesday- swim/5 mile run
Wednesday- Possible Brick or doing the 15 mile course for the tri for practice
Thursday- swim/5 mile run
Friday- rest
Saturday- treadmill run at Great Wolfe Lodge
Sunday- most likely rest but maybe a work out at the hotel
Monday - 16 mile run (Might as well LABOR thru a run on Labor Day; HA HA!)


  1. Congrats on the 15 miles.

    I remember my first century ride, we got back at 99.3 miles, so I rode circles in the parking lot till I hit 100. My team mates were laughing at me, sitting in the curb, mock cheering me on.

    Your Mary is on Oct 16th? Thats my Bday!!!

  2. That's awesome! you are almost there!