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Monday, September 6, 2010

Brick Workout

Well I know why they call it a brick! Your legs feel like bricks when you are running... WOW! I did a 14 mile bike ride; almost the whole course for my upcoming Sprint Tri and I did it "fast" so my legs were feeling it. I hopped off my bike and it was like being in quicksand from my waist down. UGH! I did a pathetic 2 miles in somewhere close to 18 minutes.

So what makes it better?

Doing more bricks?

Making myself run faster; despite the "pain"?

I will definitely do 2 more of these before the day of the triathlon.

I am bummed I did not get in a long run this week but it was my little man's 2nd birthday so we were busy! We went Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio and had a great time! I did however workout both days I was at the hotel which is an accomplishment. Next week it is 16 miles or bust! I am also going to get myself in the pool twice next week. Check out some pictures of my Parker Man LOVING the water. Maybe he will be able to swim better than Mommy.

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  1. LOL!! THe joy of bricks, probably the workout on the schedule that most people dread to see. I suggest trying one swim to bike brick, getting out of the water and getting your "legs" under you is trickier then bike to run.

    also here is a brick to try

    bike 5 miles
    run 1 mile
    repeat 3x's