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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Recovery.... week?

Mid week and it has been more of a recovery week than a day. My long run was Saturday so I basically took Sunday off (really easy 3 mile treadmill run). I attempted to work out Monday and Tuesday but lacked the energy so read the clues my body was giving me and didn't push too hard. Tonight I did get in a 5 mile run but I did not wear my Garmin because I did not want to know my pace or time.
The pictures above show what I have been focusing on; my family. Mostly Parker! He is really growing right before my eyes and I want to get in all the extra time with him I can. Scott has been working lots of overtime so my works outs have been in the basement late at night and that is not motivating. He also leaves the house at 5:00 a.m. so an early workout is impossible. I am hoping to step it up this week and get ready for the Sprint Tri and then drop the bike and swim schedule and focus on the run for the Marathon. I will still bike for days off but less pressure to bike.

AND the no sweet thing is IMPOSSIBLE in my job! I think I am going to be more reasonable and say once a week or something. Tomorrow is the "one month away" day so I am going to get more serious about diet/training schedule.

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  1. It hit me tonight too that it's only a month away and the tri is in less than 2 weeks! EEEK!!