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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Unprepared, Mismatched, Mystery Workout

All excited that I was going to get a swim for the first time this week and I got there to find out I had no swimsuit or towel! SO I wore my new tri-shorts (didn't like swimming in them) and a random sports bra tank. Good news is the swim went well. It is a short pool because it is a yard pool instead of the meter pool I typically swim in. I know that is not that much BUT my time was 9:40. FASTER my one whole minute!

My running clothes were horribly mismatched! I had hot pink shorts, yellow COTTON shirt and some random winter wool socks.

Mystery distance since the Garmin would not get a signal. Pretty sure it was 2 miles but I had to go get my little guy so it was more of a run just to get in a run.

The Sprint Tri is next weekend! Sorta more excited about that than the marathon!

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  1. I dont like swimming in mine either, luckly the swim is the shortest and quickest part of the race and your backside will thank you after the bike for wearing them.

    I love that you are excited and I bet Mercy you will be hooked after the race.