2012 Miles

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best Race of the Year

Today was Railroad Days! This is a course know for being fast and flat. HUGE crowd of 190ish. There were about 20-30 Cross Country girls from a local college who race unofficially but made the pre-race vibe a little intense. Most races are the "usual suspects" but this race was going to be fast with that many speed extras : ) I was a little nervous since I had not had a good run since I practiced the course Sunday night (24:58) and I had Strep Throat this week. Plus I was bad and ate Mexican the night before AND my meds had me up early with a lot of trips to the bathroom : (

First 1/2 mile was weird I would not look at my watch! I knew I was running really fast or really slow. I just felt weird. I didn't look at my watch until the 2 mile marker which is rare for me. It was 15 something I think and my pace 7:44! I slowed some due to curves and a cramp in my side but splashed water on my face with six tenths to go and took off. This race is bad because you see the finish to the right but have to run to the left and around the track. I started to get a weird dizzy filling and had to slow down. I think I was weak due to the stomach issues and not eating this morning. But I kicked it up a little and finished at 24:28. As you can see below I was thrilled with my time! My old PR was 24:56! A pace of 7:52! WHOA!

I also placed first in my age group!

It was a great day for everyone I know that runs! I am so proud of everyone that made a PR and placed in their age group! Only 2 more 5Ks in the Serres. Be sure to check out Crystal's blog in my blog roll; "Am I crazy to be a runner"! She will have a great post! She has made SO much progress.


  1. Great job Twila! I was hoping to run this morning and set a new PR, wouldn't be hard, but Caleb is sick :( So happy for you!

  2. Great job! and again thanks so much for that last little "push"!

  3. Wow, stomach issues, getting over strep throat, and no breakfast before a race and your PR'd and took first overall, now thats impressive, nice work.

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