2012 Miles

Friday, August 20, 2010

August 22 - August 28 Schedule

Sunday- 300 meter swim followed by 15 mile bike (the tri course and practice transition)
Monday- 300 meter swim followed by short run (back to back nights was the only way I could schedule it this week)
Tuesday - rest : ( Back to Night class for me! MIGHT get up for an early bike or run
Wednesday- 5 miles on treadmill
Thursday- 5 miles on treadmill
Friday - rest
Saturday - 14 miles

Being back at work, going to night class on Tuesday are making this tough but I will get it all in! Hoping some other weeks work out better than this but it is what it is : )

90% sure I am doing to Tri on September 25th! Big Daddy Diesel and Monica had some great word of encouragement that made me feel better about the whole thing. I will not be the first out of the water but I have worked hard and the race is my reward to all my hard work!

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  1. The fourth discipline of triathlon is mental prepartion, in my personal opinion, it is not trained on enough, I have no doubt in my mind you can do this race. You have the fitness level to do it, its stringing it all together on race day. Race day is going to be a day full of emotions, from top to bottom, but the greatest feeling of all is crossing that finishline, followed by seeing and being greeted by your family with a smile just as big as yours.