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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Plan

Since it is New Years I have been thinking a lot about what this year will bring. I think change should be made immediately not on a day but New Years is a great time to make plans and get serious about making any needed changes. Working out is not something I need to start doing but I would like to change it up a little. Last year it was cardio, cardio, cardio which was great and made me a lot healthier but I need to add in some other stuff. So here is the plan for working out:

Sunday- Short recovery run/walk + strength training (probably Abs)
Monday- rest day (I have night class)
Tuesday- Speed Work and Abs
Wednesday - Strength Training (will run if I need the miles)
Thursday - Medium Length run and Abs
Friday - rest (I have a strict rule about NOT working out on Fridays)
Saturday - long run for Marathon

This is the plan up until the March marathon then I will just just decrease the mileage on Saturdays to get to the half marathon in April. April and May will be maintenance and in the summer I am going to tackle P90X with less running. Then towards the end of the summer I will start retraining for a fall marathon which will probably be Outerbanks.

Other areas of improvement:
Eating less "freezer food" and decreasing the amount of sweets
Decrease cupcake intake (26 or less for the year)

Those are my running/healthy living goals. There are plenty of other goals that are more personal but those are the ones I do mind to share with the world : ) Good luck on all of the goals you have planned for the year.

FYI: If you are a Biggest Loser fan there is a great article in Runner's World (the February issue)

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  1. Good goals with the cupcakes! We have similar eating out goals, but ours is based on weight loss.

    I was just telling J that I wanted/needed to do strength training. sounds like we were thinking alike!