2012 Miles

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If I were rich...

I would be motivated to run more often. Tonight I had new compression socks and I wanted to try them out and this weekend I had the new Garmin to try out. It totally helps get you out the door or on the treadmill.

A lot of you had asked about the Garmin and yet it is the 305 : ) I still love it and can not believe how quick it gets a signal. I can't wait to get back outside this weekend. I purchased some CEP compression socks and didn't love them or hate them. I think they are way too hot to wear inside on the treadmill but super excited too wear them this single digit Saturday for some extra warmth. I was worried they were going to be hard to get on. That is not the problem they are hard to get off! Did someone tell me once that CEP sends you a free pair for a race photo with them on??

8 weeks of training to go! Been getting in 3 week day treadmill runs (5 to 7 miles) and then long runs on the weekend (up to 12 now).


  1. so jealous you got compression socks! i so want some! what color did you get?

  2. It is amazing what having new things to play with will do for your motivation!! :) Keep up the awesome work with your training!!

  3. I dream way too much about striking it rich, dunno how I will do it since I dont play the lottery