2012 Miles

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Virgina Beach... umm that is 11 weeks from now!

So after thinking about marathons I really want to do Virginia Beach on March 20th. The travel is not THAT bad and I get to see my brother and super cute nephew. Plus Knoxville looked a little yuck and if I want to ever 50 state it I don't want that to be my Tennessee run. So I am all pumped about this Virginia Beach run when I think "Hey I might need a plan" Well umm.... March 20th is 11 weeks away! That means racking up the mileage QUICK! I have been doing 10 miles all December and did 11 miles for New Years. I have played with a lot of situations and I get my miles up pretty high (1 20 and a 22) and still get a little taper. But what is your opinion??? Think I can be marathon ready in 11 weeks? I just want to get another feel for what my "time" is so I can work towards breaking 4 hours.

My husband's response was "Its not like you don't run all the time"

Last night I did speed work for a 5 mile run and finished in 43:00 minutes which is that 8:34 pace I am longing for! That is what it will take to BQ ONE day : ) Oh we can all dream!


  1. you can do it! are you trying to break 4 this time?

    would you want to take a look at the jeff galloway marathon plan book? he has a schedule for specific time limits. it might help get some ideas....

  2. You can totally do it, you have been running consistently. Use the smartcoach on runnersworld, you can get a custom 11 week plan. It may not be your fastest race ever, but if you are jumping on the 50 state team then don't worry about it, not ever race will be a PR.

  3. Virginia beach will be my first marathon - Im super excited!