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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Out of Whack

I last worked on December 10th! Since I teach I always get a 2 week break for the holidays but I had an extra week thanks to some snow days and a little round of the flu. Going back to work on January 4th had me in a funk! I was all ready to tackle the new year with better eating and big running plans. Well I started the week with a great 5 mile speed work out but hit the wall on Tuesday. I let Tuesday be my rest day since I will have class on Tuesdays. Wednesday I was grumpy and in a MOOD! Ran 1.25 miles and QUIT. Thursday I ran 2 miles and QUIT. Friday I never run : )
Finally Saturday I woke up and said "you will NOT miss a long run!" Needed 12 but it was more like 10 due to snow and still running Garminless.

Anyone get the New Years blues? I think I was over thinking things. Worrying about work and my 2 marathons. I have to remember one day at at time.

Thoughts while running in the cold with no garmin and no music:

snot is more solid in the cold
you face is cold the first mile or so then it looses feeling
running uphill in snow/ice is hard; just walk
potholes are tricky covered in snow

Here is to a better week next week! Less sugar, less freezer food and more "real stuff"


  1. What kind of Garmin did you have? Did it show mileage as you ran or just pace?

    I looked yesterday and actually Walmart has some killer deals.

  2. I hear you on the hard to get back to the swing of things after the break. I was aiming for this to be my "comeback" week for working out..it turned out to be my "i'm getting there slowly" week. Next week lol. Great job on getting out there!

  3. I hear ya! I have been eating horribly since the holidays and cannot seem to get out of the junk food cravings. But good for you to keep going! Some distance from the holidays and you will be back on track I am sure :)

  4. Goodluck with yoyr marathon training and run with fun!.

  5. I have to winter blues, first week of IM training, thought it would boost my motivation, nope it didnt, now I am unmotivated and sore

  6. I'm with you on the nutrition stuff! And you are right about your face--it finally just goes numb! I have been tying a scarf around my face bank-robber style and that helps. Good luck in your marathon! It is just a few weeks before mine. I am definitely in a new year funk--I just want to run pain-free again!