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Monday, January 31, 2011

GU winner! Shorts!

True Random Number Generator 5
Looks like the number 5 is the lucky winner! #5 comment is: Dawn from Musings from the Pigg Pen I love that she is going to share the GU with a friend.
This weekend was awesome! First off it was above freezing and there was SUNshine : ) I meant to take a picture of my run because it was such a beautiful day but I never remember my camera. Saturday morning I ran with shorts (light tights underneath) but on Sunday I wore shorts and felt so free!

Reason #2 this weekend was awesome: PACE! I have been doing a lot of speed work and really wanting to get faster. This summer I could run fast for a 5K but not for long runs. Saturday I hit the pike on two missions: 14 miles and a sub 9:00 pace (hopefully close to 8:35). So I took off and cranked up the music. It was great and I pushed hard the whole time! Sometimes I would look down and see 7:30s! The slowest I was on one hill on the way back and I hit 9:30. If you look at the picture above the gray is elevation and the blue is my speed. I love how it is pretty even for the whole run. My average was an 8:24 which is lower than my "B" goal! I did stop at 9 miles to meet my mom and run an easier 5 miles. The low point was a random foot cramp that shut me down at 12 miles : ( BUT I redeemed myself on Sunday with a nice 5 mile run (sub 45 mins) AND I ran a "fast" mile to see what I could do! 7:35 mile!

Great way to start the week! I did bike and walk today to let the legs heal but will be running again come Wednesday. Tomorrow night is class night : ( And hitting the treadmill at 10:00 pm is for the birds! Hope everyone had a great weekend and I will be back to reading blogs soon. Super busy this weekend with all my fabulous running! We also bought a new couch and my son was super awesome this weekend. I will leave you with a little bit of cuteness:

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  1. Thanks so much...I'm so excited :). My email address is dawnpigg@gmail.com. If you don't care to email me there I will send you my address.

    Also, I saw on your last post that maybe you were trying for Boston? With those times today looks like it could become doable completely - awesome job. Anyways, if you do, I'd be happy to give you some tips of things I wish I would have known when I ran it.

    And, yes, running outside in shorts on Saturday was awesome.