2012 Miles

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mantra Bust!

So here I am ready for 14 miles, right?? After 2 weeks of not hitting 14 miles you think I would be pumped but not so much. It was rainy and a little chilly and I just had that "lets stay home feeling". I even contemplated running all 14 on the treadmill so I could run the whole thing at a guaranteed 8:34 pace. I also wanted to finish last week's Biggest Loser but my husband reminded me that would be boring and I would probably quit before I got 14 in so I got dressed at left the house. Also, my husband checked the weather and said there was no wind so that helped make me think it would be an okay run. WELL guess what the wind showed up in the form of 37 mph gust! NOT FUN. It was so wet and windy I had no voice by the time my run was over. UGH!

Earlier in the week I received a little motivation; the Twisted Sifter (cake shopped) cupcake flavor list for the week. PINK VELVET was finally back on the menu. I have not been "allowed" to go until Pink Velvet was there. My whole run I was like "pink velvet, pink velvet". So at 11 miles I went in to order and get a little bounce back in my step for the last 3 miles. Guess what? NO pink velvet. I was super bummed but went ahead and ordered a Margarita cupcake plus 1 for the hubs and the kid.


  1. You are too cute! I love cupcakes. Good for you. I have totally lost my running mojo, send some running vibes my way!

  2. UGH! Good for you for going out in that weather!! Those cupcakes look delish...enjoy!! :)

  3. yay for 14 miles! boo for not having the right kind of cupcakes!

  4. Bummer about the pink velvet! Great job on the run though and those cupcakes still look awesome!!! :0)