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Monday, February 28, 2011

This outfit brought to you by...

All the ladies out there know how important the marathon outfit is! I spend a lot of my running time thinking about it. I knew I wanted it to be fun, say something about me and NOT be GREEN! It is a St. Patrick's Day run and I do not want to look like everyone else. I have loved zebra print since I was in college and googled zebra stuff and ran across the headbands and was excited to see arm bands to match. I have always wanted to try arm bands since I am super cold when I start running but get hot during the run. I like the thought of taking them off and tucking them in my running belt. I am going to try them out this weekend. The shirt is from Skinny Runner and has a cupcake on it! I ordered it within minutes of her posting shirts. Good thing because she is SOLD OUT! So right now this is my outfit. But it is very likely to change. First I have to see how the arm bands work out and then I am going to have to keep on eye on the weather as time gets closer. I might end up in a sleeveless something if it is going to be 50's or higher.

Anyone else out there obsess about their race day outfit?


  1. haha, the shirt is so fitting for you! :)

  2. CUTE! Love the shirt and the sleeves! :0)

  3. Very Cute!! I love zebra too :) I like to have fun/cute race outfits cause I feel faster :D

  4. I dont, as long as it all matches and I dont look like a hot mess, then I am ok.

  5. Soooo cute! I obsess about every outfit, not just on race day.

    I'm in it for the clothes.