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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good to Bad!

So came off a great weekend feeling on top of the world!

Knocked out 16 miles like it was my job and spent a lot of time with the family and had great Valentine's stuff! Here comes to bad....

woke up Sunday middle of the night with stomach pains that felt about as mad as my labor when the epidural wore off.... then spent a few hours dry heaving. Went to the doctor for some drugs and that sorta helped.

Spent most of the day Monday feeling awful and obviously did not work. Tuesday woke up with a fever and more rounds of dry heaving. So this means I had two days of NO running!

Then on Wednesday I come home and think I will run on the treadmill and work on my speed because one day I will qualify for Boston. Well then I hop on the internet and see that everyone is talking about the requirements to get in. 5 minutes faster not THAT big of deal. I mean I might be able to pull off a 3:40 before then. BUT! even IF I get a 3:40 I still won't be "fast" enough. Because the ridiculously fast people get to register first. THANKS BOSTON! Thanks a lot! Guess I will go eat a cupcake and not run tonight. Okay not really but it seriously sucks. So much that I actually typed out the word sucks instead of censoring it like I usually do. I actually hate the word sucks and can't stand to hear people say it but tonight the word just sorta fits. Don't deliver bad news to a person who has been living on saltines and Sierra Mist!!

:) I will be over it soon enough but knew I could vent to you other running obsessed people! Sorry I have been a little MIA on commenting on your blogs but I didn't want to yak on the keyboard! I would have been in a really bad mood if I had to buy a new laptop. MacBooks don't come cheap and I am going to have to have spend all my extra money buying myself a spot into Boston... oops I started talking about it again!

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  1. You can buy yourself a Boston slot? Sorry, I am not familar with the race besides its like being in Kona for me

    I hope you are feeling better