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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Habits of a Runner

Bobbie from Journey In Running asked about running routines and I most definitely have them. I am a creature of habit in all aspects of my life. I can "fly by the seat of my pants" for shorter runs but when I get into anything longer than 13 miles I start making sure I have my ducks in a row. I am lucky that I can eat whatever I want the night before a run (minus milk products and alcohol) so that is not an issue. But I have to get certain things laid out. I always lay out my clothes after I check the weather; last night it was tights, wind break pants, thorlo socks, shoes, sport bra tank (the warm one), long sleeve shirt, zip up jacket, hat and headband. Then in the living room by the keys I lay out; granola bar, water, pre-run gu (caffeine one), go belt with 1 gu, cliff blocks, iPod and ID, gloves and Garmin. Post run I always call my mom and here lately have been going to get a victory cupcake!
Pam from the cake shopped made Pink Velvet for me this Saturday since she didn't have it last week! It was so funny when I ordered I got the last one and I heard Pam in the back say "No, you can't sell that one I saw Twila out running!" The girl quickly told her it was for me and Pam came out to make sure. When I saw her driving by while I was running I waved real big so she would know I was coming her way. If you are ever in Danville you have to stop by Twisted Sifter for their yummy cupcakes.

Run Recap:
16 miles in 2 hours 28 minutes at a 9:18 pace
Started off cold (19 degrees) but ended nice and sunny

Looks like I will be signing up for Virginia. My brother will be off the ship and I have done okay with getting in my long runs. 3 more weekends of long runs, 1 taper weekend then Marathon weekend!


  1. When i run with you next week I want to do the last part of your run with you so I can get a cupcake! I'll do 10 with you, we could meet at the cupcake shop so our cars are there.

  2. Your routine is basically the same as mine :) Nice run today!! And I love how you have to get a cupcake at the end...talk about a motivator! ;)

  3. Quick question...do you like your 305? I have it in my cart to purchase. My only concern is the size...is it way too cumbersome to have on your wrist while running? Thanks :)

  4. Looks yummy! I haven't had anything from there since my birthday!

  5. I have had the hardest time finding routes now that Im in longer runs... Thats awesome that you have a set place to go after your run... so cute!