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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Too Many Possible Titles!

Wow the end of this week has been crazy! I could have titled this post "20 miles where?"; "You are insane" (a direct quote from Monica); "My 1st Ice Bath"; "Does crying burn calories"; or okay you get the point...

Thursday morning my grandfather passed away which was sad yet very relieving. He has been sick since November and suffering in the nursing home for about 3 months. I left work early to be with family and make arrangements. The weather was completely awful at the end of the week but Saturday was going to be gorgeous. Great running weather but I knew I would be with the family all day Saturday. So I laid out my stuck to hit the rod bright and early Friday (I took the day off) so I could be done early morning to be with family for the rest of the day. BUT I awoke to the sound of 30 mph wind and sleet. I was not willing to run in that type of weather so I did the unthinkable....

I hopped on the treadmill with the intentions of running 20 miles. I was going to set it a 6.0 mph and roll with it. That would be 3 hours and 20 minutes. I will spare you some dramatic climax... I nailed it! Watched an episode of survivor, hopped off to check internet (thought something had happened to Charlie Sheene due to a random facebook post), watched a second episode of Survivor, watched some Days of Our Lives, talked to my Dad about funeral stuff, called mom. Guess what???? Treadmills cut off at 100 minutes. So I Gued, found some water and set off for 10 more miles. Decided to go ahead and have my moment about Granddaddy so I turned the iPod to old gospel church music and had a good cry for about 3 miles. Called mom at 15 miles and told her I would call her when I was done. Last 5 miles were rough but I made it!

Then I went upstairs to try this for the first time....
I think it helped but I only stayed in about 6 minutes. I even wore socks and my tights so I could stand it. All in all the 20 mile treadmill run was not that bad. However, I do think I will do another one before than marathon because I do not feel like this one helped that much. I was a little sore from it but the compression socks and chiropractor helped a lot. Good news is I can wear compression socks as much as I want!

Now I am left to run off all the comfort I consumed on Saturday at the visitation/church dinner. We had a potluck dinner at my childhood church and if you are from a Southern Baptist church then you know what kind of food I am talking about! I think banana croquettes sums it up! I bet someone has to google it : ) Trust me they are good!

I even managed a 6.2 mile run outside in shorts on Sunday! So I did a marathon this weekend! Here is to a better week, better eating and getting in all the last training runs.


  1. Sorry i couldn't make it to the visitation! :( and feel like a completely horrible friend for not sending flowers, or a windchime or something! :(

    you are crazy for 20 on the mill that's for sure! let me know what you want to do next saturday. i'm sure j is up for 10-12 with you if you want the company.

    also, I have no idea what banana croquetts are!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. Watching loved ones suffer is hard but it's never easy to tell them goodbye. Your treadmill run sounds very therapeutic! I loved your recap! :0)

  3. - I am sorry to hear of your family's loss, my thoughts are with your family

    - 20 miles? You serious!!! I cant imagine at all, I thought I was going insane on my one and only 8 miler on the dreadmill

    - I HATE ICE BATHS!!! But they work, but painful. I learned, from a coach, that a cold water bath is just as effective, you dont need the ice. (still sucks)