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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Long Overdue

So I had my 18 mile long run last weekend and you would think I would be all excited to write about it but I have been busy and in a funk.

First, lets start with the run. The run was great. I met my friend Crystal's husband Jeremy for 8 miles to start the long run. We were able to keep close to a 9:00 minute average with a few slips close to 9:20 BUT I will say I was running a different course than usual so there was lots of turning and deciding where to go. Jeremy and I are also talkers so that could factor in as well. After our 8 miles we met up with Monica who was ready to tackle 10 miles with me. Jeremy stuck with us for 2 and turned around to get in 12 miles for himself. Monica and I had a good run. It was slower than a 10:00 average for the most part but I was struggling since I had had one puny run after my bout with the stomach bug. My stomach for the first time in a long time gave me some issues a few miles from being done. I am going to try a new food this week instead of my blocks in case it was a case of too much Gu. Came home and wore my compression socks all afternoon and my legs felt great! I will be wearing those for recovery all the time.

** Question: Is there a rule on how long you can wear compression socks for recovery?

I have not been in a blogging mood or a computer mood for the most part. My son is at a super fun age right now and I just love being with him! So my funk is a good funk. I just want to watch TV with Parker and lay in the floor and play cars with him. ALSO last week I was trying to fit in a run while he was still awake and he accidently threw a toy behind my treadmill. He has always been super good about staying away from the treadmill but he really wanted to get the toy for the dog and he went to get it. So I hear this "Mommy" and turn around to my child pinned between the moving belt and the wall. Luckily it was rubbing just his leg and he had a carpet burn like mark on his leg in 2 little places. I am so glad it didn't get him worse. No more running with the little guy up : ( He is 90 mph right now! Such a fun age.

This week I have been able to get in good treadmill workouts. Recovery on Sunday, speed work on Monday (FINALLY broke 24 mins on a 5K) and 6 miles on Wednesday. Tuesday are still a forced rest day since I have class all night after I get off work. I tried to come home and hit the treadmill at 9:30 pm and I just did not have it in me.

This weekend I have 20 fun filled miles to look forward to and it looks like I will be flying solo. Which is honestly good for me. I enjoy the time to myself and use it for a lot of reflection and just planning. Most importantly I have been planning my marathon outfit. I am trying not to spend a lot so I am thinking about a fun new accessory to go with a simple black running outfit. I can promise you it will have ZERO green since the other 24,000 people will be decked out in green since it is a St. Patrick's Day theme.

The next time I blog I will be telling if I survived my 20 miler : ) and if I feel real good I might go for 22 and call it taper time!


  1. I wear my compression sleeves (I don't have the socks because I can't stand socks on my feet most of the time) pretty much all the the time besides when running and sleeping. But I have major shin splint issues so that seems to help them.

  2. i find it funny you call j a talker! no one else but me and maybe his brothers would! :) he said he had a great time!

    sounds like you/parker were luckier than marci/gage with the treadmill.

    i desperately want compression socks!

  3. You go girl!! Awesome job on the 18 and best of luck on the 20!!! I'd like to know the answer about the compression socks, too. I've slept in mine before! lol Have a great weekend!

  4. You can wear compression as long as you want