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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

1. Handmade gifts? Love or dislike? I love the idea of a homemade gift! I am not creative enough to do it myself but would never be offended by something that was made instead of bought.

2. Gift cards? Love or tacky? All about a gift card! I am all the time wanting to go shopping and having "free money" is great. Plus my husband knows I can be hard to please so I don't mind if he gets a gift card so I can get myself something I am wanting.

3. What type of theater do you frequent (like Cinemark, etc)? I think we have a Regal?? Who knows the answer to this! That may be because I go the movies about once a year and sometimes it is longer than. I HATE sitting in the movies.

4. Coffee? addict, like, can't stand? Starbucks, home, other? Can not stand it all all. I don't see myself ever becoming a coffee drinker. I do like to smell it though.

5. Do you read? Books you've been wanting to read? Type of books you like? I am waiting on the new Sookie Stackhouse to come out in May. I love to read Mary Higgins Clark, Nicholas Sparks and Patricia Cornwell. In the summer I typically read 20 books while I am not working. If someone tells me it is good I will read it. I mostly recently read "The Hunger Game" series.

6. 3 Favorite running accessories: Garmin, compression (tights, capris) and Clif Bloks?? I don't run with a lot of stuff. I prefer to keep it simple and would not run with a Garmin except I like to be able to run wherever I want and get my miles in.

7. Kids? Ages? 1 son who is age 2

8. Pets? TOO many; Weimaraner (Milly) Pug (Rancher) and 2 cats (Libby and Zoey)

9. 3 things you can't leave home without: Besides the obvious kid, keys and purse : ) Bottle of water, cell phone and I usually have my camera in case Parker does something cute

10. 3 Favorite magazines. I have never had a magazine suscription until recently I started getting Runner's World and Taste of Home

11. When you are in a running slump, what motivates you? new gear, making a new goal and the food I eat!

12. Complete the sentence, "My favorite thing about running/exercise is ______" feeling accomplished

13. Shoe size/t shirt size:
shoe size 7 1/2 and shirt size XS or Small depending on where it is from

14. 3 Favorite Valentine's candies: If it is chocolate I will eat it! But I am a sucker for chocolate covered strawberries that tend to show up around Valentine's Day. But seriously if you have ever read my blog then you know I live off of junk food.

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  1. For some reason I cant access your blog from work, so the rare occasion I log on at home, I can comment.

    2- gift cards, but i am picky, I prefer at one of my local bike shops, bike gear is pricey and I want alot of it, an little bit helps

    4- I hate the taste of coffee and I dont get why people pay $4 for a cup at starbucks

    Good post, these are fun to read