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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black Cat Chase 5K

My mom at her first 5K! The Black Cat Chase is a fun Halloween themed run that is put on by YMCA. It was at 7:00 at night and was is downtown Franfort at the State Capitol. There were over 1600 people and a lot of people wore costumes. We started off at the old capitol lawn and ran UP to the capitol building. It was beautiful running towards the capitol all lit up! We went around the capitol and then the whole race was downhill to the finish. Mom crossed the finish line at 30:35! GO MOM! She is ready to do another one. There are a couple Jingle Bell Jogs coming up so I think we will do one of those.


  1. Holy cow!! Your Mom did amazing...that is awesome!! She would smoke me in a 5k! :o) LOL! Sounds like a fun run!

  2. Southern lights should be another neat one!! :)