2012 Miles

Friday, October 22, 2010


What do you feel like after a marathon? Well here was my week:

Cross the finish line - radiating pain in all parts of body, joyous yet wondering if your muscles will ever un-cramp! 4 hour drive home was a huge thumbs down. Best part was laying in the grass stretching at a rest area and looking over and seeing a guy with a medal doing the same thing!

Day 1 after - not sure if there was pain because I did not leave my recliner other than to pee and eat! I ate EVERY calorie I burned plus some.... I had fast food! GASP!

Day 2 after- back to work : ( Man my classroom is too far down the hall! I could not keep up with my kids. Walked a mile on the treadmill and that seemed to help

Day 3- Hello legs! Tightness was the normal "long" run tightness. Ran/walked 4 miles : )

Day 4- no pain during the day and ran 5 miles (slowly)

Day 5- biked 12 because foot was being achy again

Day 6 - rest because it is Friday and I do not work out on Fridays

Day 7 - Bring it on LONG run (10 miles) I will let you know how that goes!

I had read about a variety of post marathon feelings and I think I had them all!
Superwoman: Check
Need to sign up for Race Addict Anonymous: Check (I googled the next marathon all day the day after)
Fatigue: Check (I was shocked that I was tired for a couple days after)
Mopey: Check (had some post run blues)

Ready to focus on more manageable miles for the next 2 months! Still want to hit some 10 mile runs on the weekend but anxious to do some speed work again. Half marathons are in my future for sure but I have a feeling another will find its way back on my schedule sooner than later; maybe Spring?

Trying to find a NICE marathon in January 2012! I really want to run one the weekend before or after my 30th on January 11th. Mixed feelings on Disney so I am also looking into the Arizona Rock n Roll. Thoughts? Suggestions? I know that is far away but I am a planner and list maker : )


  1. Miami is a pretty good race at the end of january

    good luck with continued recovery!

  2. I used to live in Arizona for many years, though I have never done the race (no surprise) but I have traveled the course alot living there. Its mostly flat, not very scenic, will take you through some sketchy areas. Tempature in Jan will be around 75-85 degrees, will feel a tad cooler because there is no humidity at all. Will be sunny out, you can were shorts and tshirt in Janury, thats a plus

    If you go, I can give you some local places to go and eat, since you like Mexican food, you will be in heaven out there, its freaking good.