2012 Miles

Saturday, October 9, 2010

1 week!

I did a 10 mile run today and then it will be taking it easy until next Saturday. I feel good about next week and only have three goals:

1) finish
2) not be last
3) not have to crawl : )

My run today was great and I felt strong! I found a new Gu I like; Mint Chocolate and that will be in my belt for sure next Saturday. I am trying to enjoy a low key week and get ready for the "big day" : )

Another celebration for me is that I am one year smoke free. I started smoking when I was in high school and was a moderate to heavy smoker during college and when I first got married. I did not smoke during my pregnancy and made it until he was about 3 months old before I started again. I only smoked one cigarette a night when I was smoking after that. When I started running 5Ks in May 2009 I was still smoking but when I signed up for my first half (February 2010) I decided I should stop smoking. SO the end of last September/early October I smoked my last cigarette. I do not know the exact date but I know it has been a year or a little more since I smoked. I will tell you that it is not easy. There are MANY nights I want to go out on the deck and smoke with my husband. There are MANY times when I am stressed and I think about smoking. But is obviously not the choice to make for many reasons.

Today I am loving that the Ironman World Championship (Kona) is on! Really bummed that Chrissie Wellington had to drop out due to sickness. I have a lot of respect for these athletes and love watching the phenomenal accomplishments they make. I will never go to Kona or do an Ironman anytime soon but I still love to watch it! Definitely worth setting your DVR on December 18th to record the NBC special on Kona; you will be motivated by the pros and age groupers.

I am already looking into future races; some on my radar are:
Nashville Rock n Roll Half (with parents)
Virginia Beach Half (Mom and Brother?)
Disney Marathon January 2012 close to my 30th birthday
Outerbanks Marathon (fall 2011, fall 2010)
Race to Recovery HIM (June 2011)

Who knows? Just need to have something on the calendar to keep my butt in motion!