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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sandal Season??

So the question is will I be ready for sandal season? I have never lost a toenail or had a black toenail but the marathon gave me another first! The 2nd toenail is all the way gone now and the big toe nail is falling off too : ( Guess this makes me a runner for sure! How long does it take a whole toe nail to grow out? Guess that is the good part about doing a fall marathon you can get your toenails back by sandal season. Makes me second guess that April Marathon!

Since I grossed you out with my feet I will leave you with something a little cuter...
Happy Halloween from my Mickey Mouse!


  1. I lost my second toenail while I was training for my firt half this summer. I felt like a "real runner" when it fell off! :o) LOL! I have my first Marathon in May and I can't wait to see how my feet look after that training!! Ha! Oh, and p.s. such an adorable little mouse!! :o)

  2. I lost my first toe nail after the cherry blossom 10 miler. I told my friend, "its official, I'm a runner" Welcome to the club! lol

    Mickey Mouse is bound to get extra candy tonight for being so darn cute.