2012 Miles

Saturday, October 2, 2010

20 miles...

Thumbs up for:

* Ran the first 8 by myself and had a great time! Listened to some new music to and the time went by fast.

*Met up with my fried Crystal for the last 12 miles and that always helps.

* The song "Shackles" by Mary Mary for getting me to the end. I am sure people were giving me second looks as I was giving praise running down the road.

*My little 10 mile cheer that made some lady stop and stare at me! Seriously people running is fun!

*2 buses parked at the back of a church (see my thumbs down and you will figure it out)

*My mom who came to check on me : )

* The pike for being beautiful and giving me a good workout.

* All the other runners out on the road today; I really like the "older" men and women out there who inspire me to still be running when I am 60+

* Clif Blocks the cran-razz flavor; I look forward to my mile beep just so I can eat another one.

* My always faithful tangerine 2X the caffeine Power Bar energy gel that gets me going! Ask Crystal who was probably thinking "please shut up" when she joined up with me.

* Last long run before the big day! Can you say taper?!?!?

Thumbs down:

*Mile 15-17 when I had some weird calf pain that was enough to make me cuss.

* Steven Tyler did not inspire me to run harder. I love Aerosmith and have a huge crush on Steven Tyler but he was not doing it for me today.

* TWO bathroom breaks.

* The pike for all the hills (it is a love/hate thing)

* The viscous rottweiler looking dog that came lunging at me! Thank God for invisible fence or I would have been a doggy treat.

Overall I was very happy with my 20 miler! Hoping those other 6 come easy : )


  1. That is awesome Twila! Good for you!

  2. Nice job!!!! You are going to have a great race day.