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Monday, November 8, 2010

Ramblings and Venting

Current workout plan:
5-6 days a week 1 hour of cardio; 3 bike and 3 run or 2 bike and 3 run depending on the week. One of those runs will be my Saturday run which I am planning on getting in 10 miles every Saturday (obviously that will take longer than an hour). Now that the sun comes up before 8:00 I am hoping to start my Saturday off with a nice 10 mile run. Something about 10 miles makes me feel great. I also am no longer running with my Garmin which feels great! I work on speed on the treadmill but for long runs I just run courses I know the distance of and leave the garmin at home; just me, my thoughts and my music!

Random thoughts:

I need a race to train for! Thinking a marathon in Knoxville in April or just wait until the half but that doesn't seem motivating enough : ( Frustrated that there aren't more races in the winter. Plenty of 5Ks but I am done wasting money on them and it takes too much time out of my day to get in just 3 miles. I would rather spend the time it takes to drive there, wait, run, wait, drive home.... well running!

Here comes the venting! ..... I am sick of the skinny comments! I have my weight back down to where I want it. I have not lost ONE pound since APRIL! I have just continued to tone up. It is RUDE to say the following to skinny people "I am surprised you even eat!", "What do you eat?", "Why would you work out that much?". I do not go up to people who are overweight and say "How much do you weigh?", "How much do you eat?", or "Why don't you work out?". I eat 3 meals everyday. I consume the needed calories for someone of my size and I am well within the healthy range for a 5 foot 2 petite woman. I have met with my doctor multiple times about my working out and he knows what I eat and how much. Basically I don't eat junk (minus by daily regimen of cupcakes) and I work out 5 to 6 days a week. Venting done!

Little fact about me: I am a scrooge : ) The holidays are not that big of a deal to me. I like going to see family and eating (see I eat...oops I said I was done venting) but I think you can be with family anytime of the year. Going to see your family once a year because you HAVE to because it is the holidays is not what the holidays are about. Also, I am not a present person. I could honestly go the entire Christmas season without receiving one gift. As far as giving goes I would rather buy someone a gift when I see something I know they would like, even if it is on March 12th and not the week before December 25th. Point of this rant? Most people are all a twitter about the holidays; I on the other hand find myself getting increasing annoyed : (

After reading a couple of blogs about the New York Marathon I have decided it is a must! I even want to enter the lottery right now! I think I am going to hold off for a couple years since I am planning on going big for my 30th. I am thinking Arizona instead of Disney.

Thinking about new shoes?!?! Going to change it up. That will be a post of its own!

Sorry for the grumpy post : ( I will be more cheerful next time I promise!


  1. Geez Twila go eat a cupcake! :) hehe, you know i love ya!

    which one is in arizona? did you see the new lex half that john's is putting on on april 3rd?

  2. New Lex Half? Must check the calendar. Twila I am thinking about doing Knoxville but the half. LEt me know what you decide.

    I have never once thought you to be underweight. You are an athletic, petite woman. Nuff said :)

    I could do a whole rant about "why do you only have one child?" I bet you can relate!

  3. - I use to like the holidays, now all by my self with no family around, I can care less

    - If your still grumpy, read my newest post, it has grumpy written all over it

    - I think you should try a duathlon, you have that fancy racing bike, its begging you for some competion. They have sprint 2k run, 20k bike 5k run or oly 6k run 40k bike 10k run

  4. 1. I think you look amazing and can't wait for the day people think I am too skinny,, lol, never going to happen.

    2. I think I have decided on my races for next year, marathon in early June in South Bend IN and then fall marathon in Chicago. You are welcome to join me for either.

    3. Go ahead and enter the NYC lottery, you may not get in. I have entered 2-3 years in a row and not gotten in, they let you in on the 4th year regardless. Plus if you get in, you can defer a year for a small fee. It is a must on my list as well, although the circus at the start will be really annoying. THat is a shit load of people. My friend won first in her flipping age group (she's 60 and ran a 3:19) at NYC this year, amazing.

  5. Wow you got your holiday mood from me.It sounds like I wrote it.