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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Last week of Summer

Since it is the last week of summer I am going to get in as much exercise as possible! : )

Sunday 10 mile bike (check)
Monday 3-4 mile speed work (treadmill) possible bike on the trainer
Tuesday 5 mile run (outside); 300 meter swim
Wednesday long bike ride (distance unknown)
Thursday 5 mile run; 300 meter swim
Friday rest day or bike on trainer
Saturday 5K (cross country) plus another 7 miles to get in my 10 miler for the week

So 5Ks are still going on and I need to get in long runs for the Marathon?!?! I enjoy the 5Ks alot! I love seeing all the local runners and I like working on my speed. However, I need to get in more long runs and it is hot by the time the 5K is over to run more. By the time everyone finished and awards are done it is 9:30 and the heat is on. Very frustrating! I could always just do my long run the next Sunday but I typically bike that day. Decisions, decisions! I could just stop doing the 5Ks but I wanted to do all the races in the Serres (minus the one I missed for vacation) BUT I have already completed the number needed to get the "big" prize. But I am not in it for the prizes I am in for the fun of doing the local races and supporting the local organizations. Hmm.... looks like I will run my 5K and add miles on at the end. Thanks for putting up with the rambling!

After this week it is back to work! My runs will be shortened to treadmill runs and/or hot after school runs. Swimming at night will dwindle as the pools start to close and bike nights will be tough due to Scott's work schedule.

I also need to sign up this week for my marathon to get the cheap price. Guess that will jump start by desire to run more.

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  1. Dont forget you have that trainer, you can get in some bike time with that as well.