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Monday, July 2, 2012

Mid Year Goal Check

On January 1st we all made some big goals or at least thought about what we wanted the year of 2012 to hold.  I am a very goal orientated person but I do not love the whole resolution thing. You can suffer major let down for not making a goal and/or quit if you achieve your goal  early and stop working towards anything. My goals were simple and the rest of my goals were based around my race calendar.

Goal #1: Fear of Missing Out. As in stop doing races because other people are doing them. I can safely say I have signed up for every race because I want to not because everyone else is doing it. If other people happen to be there great; if not oh well! It is my race to run anyway.

Goal #2: Stop having food guilt... oh this is getting so much worse!!! I have cleaned up my diet more than ever and weigh more than ever! GRR!! I have tried to eat cleaner and limit my splurges and sweets to the weekends or special occasions. I am not sure how to tackle this issue.  The first step is I have to get comfortable in my own skin and stop obsessing over numbers on a scale or mistakes in my eating. The only good thing that comes from food guilt is I kick my butt in the gym when I have had really bad eating days.

Race Calendar Update: Will I run 12 marathon by the end of 2012?? NOPE! Probably more like 8 and that is okay. I did not finish Atlanta and am doing some other big races that are going to be fun. I am going to run in at least 12 races by the end of the year. The tri is not happening because I can not swim and my friend that was going to do it with me is pregnant. I will also save some money by taking out a race that far away. Will my calendar change before the end of the year?? I am sure it will!

My current mileage is 19 miles higher than in needs to be to hit 1,500 miles for the year. May was a major recovery month after my marathon on April 28th. June I was able to get my mileage back to 100 and I am confident I will easily nail 100+ miles from here on out. I need to run 28 miles a week and most weeks I am able to run 30 so that gives me 2 extra for those weeks that I fall short. This is a goal that I will be working on right up until the last week of December : )

Overall I am happy with where I am at... continuing to work out on a regular basis, push myself to new levels and try new things. Hoping there are some PRs before the year is up and maybe I can figure out how to ignore the scale and love my body.

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