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Monday, June 21, 2010

Swim Lessons

So I had my first swim lesson tonight. I have no idea how to swim correctly! As in I can not comfortably put my face in the water and typically swim like a frog with my head out of the water. So my friend is helping me learn to swim. Tonight I was able to put my face in the water and swim a few strokes without freaking out. I go on vacation next week so I am going to work on it then.
I am really wanting to do the Sprint Tri here in town at the end of September. It would be neat to mark triathlon and marathon off my bucket list in a matter of weeks. It will be strictly for the sake of doing it. The swim will be border line humorous and the bike will be slow since I have a clunky mountain bike! I am not going to spend large amounts of money on two sports I am not overly interested in. If this triathlon is a success perhaps I will upgrade things one day but for now I am to do this tri thing without spending a small fortune.

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  1. Honestly, swim lessons is probably the best money spent on the sport of triathlon. It will do wonders. And your right, you dont need all the bells and whistles, you have what you need. Only thing I would suggest is buying some cheap $10 tires at Walmart that are smooth, they will make you a faster on the bike with out the traction nubs a mountain bike tires have.