2012 Miles

Saturday, June 18, 2011

8 in the P.M. same as 10 in the A.M.???

Woke up Saturday to rolling thunder, lightning and news that was talking about wind and hail. Perfect weather to run 10 miles, huh? I met my running friends and we decided to not be crazy and hope for a chance later that day or maybe Sunday for me : ( Went to Lexington to get Scott's Father's Day gift and was home around noon. I text my friends and Jeremy was up for a run. Mid 70's and humid but we were hopeful it would not be too hot! WRONG! Time to bring back the water drops! By 3 miles we were dry mouthed and drenched in sweat. We decided to turn around at 4 and get a strong 8 miles in. At 4 I felt good and was happy with my 8:50 average. Well the bottom fell out of that quick. We were searching our friend's homes for water faucets. First 2 had theirs turned off but we found luck at a local school. We struggled our way back to our trucks and called it done at 8 miles. I had hoped I would be able to drink some water and make 2 more BUT I was not feeling it and I had a cake to pick up for the hubs : )

Rest of the week ROCKED! I came back from vacation on a plan.
Sunday 6 mile run at 8:46 pace
Monday 3 mile (23:45) and Shred with Weights
Tuesday slow 6 mile with heave legs
Wednesday 3 miles (25:00;treadmill) Shred with Weights and 2 miles in 14:38 (treadmill)
Thursday Shred with Weights (Routine 2!; butt kicked!)
Friday 20 mile bike ride in 1.5 hours
Saturday 8 mile run; 9:05 pace

Feeling good about the next few weeks while I am living the life of a teacher : ) Pool, tan, open gym, nap, tan, pool... hard stuff I tell ya! But it gives me more workout time and more time to eat better. Hope everyone is doing great. Sorry for the lack of commenting but I have been reading your blogs.


  1. I am jealous over the teacher life, My girl works for the school district and she is off now till late August.

  2. I too am enjoying the life of a teacher. Next week I am going on a 3 week vacation to Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru. I won't do much running but I will lots of walking.