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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekly Recap

I am loving my summer routine and dread going back to work! I love all the extra time to work out, play with Parker and work on my tan : )

Sunday: rest (Father's Day)
Monday: 5 mile run; not sure of pace/time but I think it was 42 something
Tuesday: 3 miles (33 minutes; I must have broke my leg and didn't know it!) Shred 1 and 2 mile walk
Wednesday: 4 mile run (36:00) Shred 1 and a 1 mile walk
Thursday: 4 miles in 29:30 (I was trying to kill myself on the treadmill!) and Shred 2
Friday: 14 mile bike
Saturday: 10 mile run in 1:25:09/8:31 pace! Super excited about that one!

Guess who signed up for a 5k when she said she was not??? YEP! ME! BUT my stepdad is wanting to do his first 5K and I want to do it with him. It is a race that I have never done and it is on the 4th of July so it should be fun.

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  1. I need a vacation badly

    Nice mileage and pace

    I see some BIKING is going on