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Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Legs Won't Move!

So this week was not great. Some people will read this and think "what are you complaining about?"! I mean I know I should be thankful for the ability to work out and the extra time I have right now to do extra stuff but I was not where I wanted to be this week. My legs seriously would not work!

Sunday: I rested since I had a pretty intense 10 mile run the day before
Monday: 3 mile run in 22:35 and Shred with Weights
Tuesday: suppose to run 8 and this happened... 3 mile run/3 mile walk (w/ mom) 2 mile walk later with Parker and dog
Wednesday: 1 mile walk (warm up ) and Shred; 3 mile run and Shred again
Thursday: 3 mile run
Friday: 10 mile bike
Saturday: 8 mile run (9:19 pace) suppose to be a 12 mile run so I have did a repeat on Sunday. When I came home I did 30 minutes of Shred to make up for the lost miles.

Sunday: 12 mile run at 9:19 pace! Pretty good since the night before I had date night and I ate the following: chocolate candy, fried banana peppers, ham/pineapple pizza, frozen yogurt with cookie dough and a margarita. Guess would had to take a pit stop in the bushes??? ME!

So yeah I worked out a lot BUT do you see that mileage? What the heck am I training for a 5k!?!? Looks like Mrs. 26.2 needs to up the weekly mileage QUICK! I am feeling it in my long runs on the weekend. I have noticed a connection in bad runs and a certain time of the month so I hoping that was my problem this week. Next week should look like this:

Monday: 5K with parents
Tuesday: 8 mile run; possible Shred workout
Wednesday: 3 mile run and Shred
Thursday: 5 mile run
Friday: REST; I think this is a missing component that I need to be fresh for my Saturday run!
Saturday: 12 mile run; if I have find someone to watch the little guy! Any takers?? He is cute.


  1. Lol! Training for 5k comment cracks me up. Well if it makes u feel better I've only managed 13 miles this week.

  2. At least you didnt whine like I did about my bad week on your post.