2012 Miles

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Besides the obvious grossness of how bad I look after at night run in the 90 degree super humid weather check out the bugs! The picture does not show how many there were but I was running thru clouds of bugs. I am not one to be grossed out by bugs but this was a little disgusting. I started running into them as soon as I left my house and for 5 fun filled miles I ate, swallowed, spit and picked bugs out of my eyes. The joys of country living! I would say there were easily 20 on my face and neck when I walked in the door and about 30 down my shirt! YUCK! It was enough to keep me indoors the next night. Guess driving into town to run has another perk; less bugs.


  1. Ewwww bugs!!!! Even I dont like them, might be because I am also allergic to bug bites, I have high quanities of bug spray at my house.

  2. that's disgusting!!! there are certain parts at the park that i would avoid running last year bc of the bugs :(