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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lara Bar Review

So there are a TON of bars out there and I am always overwhelmed with which ones to try. You always read that they taste great and are just like a candy bar! Then you buy it and you are thinking "Bull S#!+, this tastes like cardboard". But one day I read a review (maybe on Shut Up and Run) and she said just like a candy bar and I was thinking "RIGHT!" BUT I was willing to shell out the $1.49 to try one. The first one I tried was the chocolate chip cookie dough and it tasted... wait for it.... just like a ...... candy bar : ) Actually more like a no bake cookie. It was pretty chocolaty so I knew I could not use it as pre run fuel. But they have TONS of flavors. I have been eating a peanut butter one before runs and it has not bothered me yet. Some favorite things are:
1: They have around 200 calories which is better for long runs since I can not GU a lot
2: They are all natural and have less than 5 or 6 ingredients
3: There are lots of flavors to try
4: They taste just like a candy bar : ) Besides the lemon pie which tasted liked Pledge

So if you are bar hopping (HA!) then try the Lara bar I think you will be happy.

*I bought these bars on my own. No one paid me and no asked me to do a review. I am just a runner who has been trying out different items this summer and sharing my thoughts. As if anyone cares : )


  1. Bar hopping!! LOL!!

    Larabars are super easy to make, they have like 3 ingredients, all you need is a food processor

  2. i'm on the same boat as you! these things always look and sound good then taste blaaahhh! i got a larabar sample at the seattle expo, i think it was coconut cream pie flavor or something. it was the first time i've ever eaten that type of bar and... wait for it... LIKED IT!! i would actually eat these, been meaning to buy more to try!