2012 Miles

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekly Recap 7/24-7/30

So this was a pretty average week minus a yucky ending!

Sunday 2 mile easy recovery run and Shred 2
Monday 5 mile run (47ish) and Shred 1
Tuesday 4 mile run (8:50 pace) Shred 1; heat shut down my 6 mile run early
Wednesday 1 mile warm up run, 60 minutes on elliptical and Shred 2
Thursday 3.1 mile run in 24:06 and Shred 1
Friday rest

Saturday 5ish miles : ( I woke up at 5:30 and was super excited for a nice 16 mile run in the not so bad heat. Well the humidity was 90% and I could not breathe. Well I slowed it down and decided to take it easy. However, at mile 2.5 my calf seized up like the worst Charlie Horse I have ever had. I tried to walk it out, stretch it out.... nothing it helped. I decided to head home and not risk injury. I am going to wear compression like crazy until my next run. I am going to call this a mid training taper weekend and hope for the best next weekend. I was feeling really tight and wore down anyway so I think my body was saying back down for a minute.

Next week I am basically back to work. No students but I am going to be in training sessions all day so I will be back to night runs on the treadmill. I will have a good 16 miler next weekend!

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  1. It hot here too, I wore compression and I over heated, sucked, we need a weather break